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This has been a truly incredible experience and worth every penny. Djoz is a great designer and I also had the chance to work with some other great designers too. I'm just sorry I couldn't pick more than one, but what a way to access talent from all around the world!

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Winning design #79 by DJoz, Logo Design for J9 Consulting & Executive Coaching Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DJoz

Project description

I need a new logo for my company that is sophisticated, simple and gives a feel of quality. I have attached my old logo(s) which I loved the concept of (my work involves improving performance of teams individuals or services and the men inside the green balls signified mobilisation of teams or individuals or projects or mobilising a change from within them personally.Im looking as I said for a much more sophisticated element look than what I have already but that can visually say what I am bout.My website may give you more of a feel of me and my work http://www.j9consulting.com. I love the style of the J9 consulting & executive coaching letters and simplicity of the white back ground (the photos on the web are a bit too executive and lack female execs and the overall tone and colour of website is far too somber and grey. This will be my next competition.

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  • Really really like what you have done with this! I wonder if the little man on the J might have his arms raised ever so slightly (reaching / releasing). Colours are great and love the design #78
    • @janddrtw thanks for the feedback #86 #87 with small arm of j raised upward hope you like that design thanks

  • Really lovely simple elegant design! #77
  • Please review this. Its very great for your web. I hope you like it.

    Best Regards

    Djoz #80
  • Lovely feel of quality to these with a lighting effect too. Nice! #60
    • thank you very much for the compliment, I hope and pleases you to keep working on it, any suggestions are welcome. :) About #60, @janddrtw

  • About #67, @vinodkumar e.m. This does look good against my website and I love the colours. It just doesn't seem to need the 1/2 circle cutting through j9. Nice try!
    • About #67, @janddrtw. Thanks for your good comments...sorry I couldn't understand the revision which you said about 1/2 circle cutting..please can you clarify again. thanks...

    • About #67, @janddrtw. Ok I got it. will change as you said. thanks...

    • About #67, @janddrtw , Thanks for your good comments and Plz preview the revised one #73 Thanks...

  • Thx for this. It's quite a nice design though the extra line on J9 isn't needed. I like that the J and the 9 are different colours. Nice colour choices #70
    • About #70, @janddrtw . Thanks for your good comment, plz preview the revised one #74 as you said, hope you will like. thanks...

  • This is really lovely and altering the colours on the icon gives it a very different feel! It's nice #57
  • About #58, @sajid2032
    This is really lovely!!!! Colours simplicity elegance and I get the icon, they are stretching themselves reaching out!
  • Hi
    Thx for submission. Nice try but these feel very heavy to me. #59
  • Nice light and bright! Not bad! #61
  • About #64, @whoosef
    This is an interesting design but for me it comes across as something a builder or architect may use. Keep it in your back pocket if someone like that comes up in the contest. It's not quite what I'm looking for which is simplicity and elegance
  • Again nice and simple. Thx #65
  • Nice and simple, just lacks the elegance for me but nice try #66
  • Similar thoughts to #72. Nice colours though! #71
  • Hi
    Thx for this. It's a very brave design, colourful and I get what you are trying to with the release of colours but it comes across as a centurions helmet to me, I mean that in the nicest way. Nice try. #72
  • Dear Ch, In mysecond presentation I took inspiration from your concept of exploring all direction. Here again you'll see multiple direction.
    But as they move they grow in a disciplined ray of movement. From a small point they evolve and grow...and all emanating from the main green ball. #71
  • Hi, appreciate you to take a look at my design, I hope is to your liking. :) #60 @k1ll05