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I had a wonderful experience with the customer service of the contest, they were are there for me and answering my questions. I enjoyed the interactions with designers. The one thing that I would suggest to designers is if you see an already submitted design, don't go and copy it so closely please be original to who you are. It truly was overwhelming to me to have over 1000 design logo's and when they started to look like each other it was frustrating for me. In the end it was really hard to pick a winner but I picked based on how the design would look for future publications in magazines and brochures. I would like to thank all the designers who took the time to interact with me, sorry I couldn't interact with everyone. I would recommend using this design site to help with a business logo.

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Winning design #971 by gbdesigns1977, Logo Design for Jacki Amato Coaching  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gbdesigns1977

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my new business, I am a health & wellness life coach. I like the logo to be simple but catchy, I also want it to be unique to me.

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  • Hello ... :)
    Please check my design and reply some feedback for improve the design.
    Thank you :) #1066
    • @Cyberia Thank you, it is nice just not a fan of the big leaf.

    • @jackiamato_coaching Hi Miss, thanks for giving feedback. i will try to revise my design. :)

    • @Cyberia Thank you, but I have almost chosen a winner. Good luck with your future designs.

  • Hi, Miss
    Please check my design
    and Please feedback
    Thank you so much #1057
    • @designrealMe I really love the design, thank you. You are making it so tough to pick a winner!

    • @jackiamato_coaching Hi, Miss Jacki Amato thank you for commenting and I really hope you choose my design. please provide a ranking for my design and comment out my lack of design. thanks a lot pretty

  • Jacki Amato #1130
  • Thoughts? Thank you! #1128
  • Thoughts? Thank you! #1127
  • Thoughts? Thank you! #1125
  • pink And White #1123
  • Jacki Amato With The Same Colour Which You Define In Berief Simple And Stylish logo #1117
  • Hi Ms. Jacki, Here's the updated design for your checking. Thanks. #1116
  • 2 #1110
  • please check and give your feedback, thank you #1109
  • Here's another one exemple for your logo, I hope that you will like this one...please feel free to contact me if you think that there's something to modify, thanks. #1103
  • how about this? #1102
  • how about this one? #1101
  • Very interesting, but it isn't who I am. I appreciate this. Also I have pretty much selected the winner. But I thank you. #1100
  • Sorry, it is pretty but it isn't me. I have pretty much selected the winner already. #1099
  • 1 #1100
  • Would absolutely love some feedback or thoughts if you have a moment! Thank you #1098
  • Would absolutely love some feedback or thoughts if you have a moment! Thank you #1097
  • Please check my design,thank you. #1089