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I have a really good experience here. All designers are very cooperative and quick response to any requirements. It is really an excellent design and satisfied our need.

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Winning design #112 by yourfriend, Logo Design for Jason's Cleaning Services Sydney Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yourfriend

Project description

Hi There:

this logo will be shown in our website,printed on T-shirt, business card and  the business car. This logo we will register as our trade mark. So this logo shall be unique, simple, easy to remember but very outstanding. our business is doing commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. please have a look our website to find out what services we provide, www.jasonscleaning.com.au. please note our website will be re-designed, so please don't bother to match your logo to our current website. This website is only for providing information of what services we provide.

we attached a picture(this picture shows you a boy carried a vacuum) that show you the concept of the logo we want, you can follow this idea/concept or totally change it, but this logo shall tell the customer that our business is cleaning business and we provide premium cleaning services. 

Again you can have a look our website(www.jasonscleaning.com.au) to get any idea of what services we provide but please DO NOT limit your logo design to current website, as current website will be REDESIGNED. 

Thanks for your help!

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  • About #75, @yourfriend
    Hi mate, could you please change this mouth to be same as #112
    • @jasonchen750 yeah sure... but i cant submit it because the contest is already expired..if you choose me as a winner i can submit that for you. thanks for the feedback and ratings. God bless

  • How about this color variation?,... #110
  • how about this one?,..please check,..Thank you:) #100
    • @jacondsign thanks, looks better, but looks like too many blue colour.

  • About #77, @joekong, sorry to let you change the colour many times, but compare with your other entry, i still feel the first one you provided is better than the others. the whole colour looks more consistant. and the word "Jason's" with a vacumm is outstanding than the others which i think is a very good idea.
    but i just feel the colour looks bit old not fresh/ vivid. is there any way you can modify? thanks!
    • No problem. I will make the colour look vibrant. Thanks.

  • @jasonchen750 please check and rate #98 .
  • thanks you design, can you please add more entry with other colour, and try if you can change the black colour of background circle and font background to a different colour? thanks #80
  • thanks you design, can you please add more entry with other colour, and try if you can change the black colour of background circle and font background to a different colour? thanks #82
  • same comments as your entry #93 #92
  • please use colour without glaze on. #93
  • please add "Cleaning Services Sydney", please adjust the word "Jason's" 's colour more outstanding than the others. #93
  • Hi, thanks for all these colour entry, can you please, can you please still keep the word description "Cleaning Services Sydney" as you previously had, can you also try contest paulhs's blue colour or similar and sky blue colour, see how it looks, thanks! keep the person, the square underneath "jason" and the wave and star, same colour. thanks, similar as your entry #91 thanks! #90
  • About #83, @chaz19020

    As requested !

    Teal seems to be the HOT color now days & burgundy contrasts well. But we can continue altering color till your minds eye like the colors.
  • please give feedback or suggestions,...Thank you :) #80
  • hi thanks you very much for provide you design. looks very good, would you please add one more entry to make the eye a little bit bigger, and make the thumb a little bit bigger too, see how it looks like. thanks a lot! #75
  • Hi Pomegrap, thank you very much for changing the colour and the boy's face, looks much better, but the colour still looks not perfect, would you please add more entry with other different colour options? thank you very much! #71
  • Hi Joekong, thank you very much for providing your design, the logo looks very good and creative. would you please change a different colour to make the whole picture looks more vivid, highlight and outstanding? the more contrast of the colour is better. would you please delete the "cleaning services sydney" font back ground? if you can adjust the font type to make it looks a bit more cute, that would be great.
    please don't with draw this entry, i like to see a different one to compare, see which one looks better. thanks! #77
  • About #76, @jasonchen750 here is another color scheme. color can be changed according to your desire. i hope your company will like this fun and warm logo design. thank you!
  • the colour consistent of the image and the word description is pretty good, just wondering if you can change a different colour to make the whole picture looks more vivid, highlight and outstanding thank!. i want to catch the customer's eye when they first see this logo, i like your design. #49
    • @jasonchen750 Hi, Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you like it. I modified the design accordingly. Please see #71 and let me know what you think.

  • Here is a follow up to #64,looking forward to hearing back #68
  • thanks for your design, can you change the colour? don't prefer to use black colour as main colour. and the cleaning tools shown in the picture can't tell what it is at the first glance, is that possible to modify a little bit, so whoever first see this logo, they know its cleaning business. #46
    • About #46, @jasonchen750 Thanks for the feedback. The cleaning tool was designed to make it looks like 'J' for jason. Hpwerver I am on the job to make it slightly realistic and alternate background color. please let me know any color preference.

    • @paulhs i prefer the colour is highlight, like the colour selection we can see in Microsoft word file, you can choose highlight colour. and please choose the colour which can make a big contrast to each other, for example blue and yellow, red and green, and etc thanks! the logo need to catch the customer's eye when they first look at it and they want to look closer after they first saw it. thanks!