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Winning design #195 by Vados, Logo Design for JDI, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vados

Project description

We are a new real estate development company called JDI, LLC. We are looking for a logo design to be used with different marketing materials and media.


The logo should portray a company that develops modern, contextual, functional, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, high-quality, and high-class spaces. It should be fresh, modern, and professional. We would prefer a simple flat design. 

We are currently open to any font and colors that match the logo. We would tend to stay away from the neons, but colors that exude life and vitality would be welcome.


We do not want the logo to include a direct reference to an architecture firm, but would be open to a subtle reference to buildings.


Our logo needs to be a flat design, no shadows or 3D effects.


This logo will be printed on paper as well as made into signage and embroidered on clothing. Please include the vector AI/eps files with jpg, and png files in all winning source files.


We hope to find a creative designer and start with our logo, but possibly do more logo designs in the future.


-If and when referencing buildings, make it subtle and abstract. Buildings are not required. Do not reference residential buildings (pitched roof, 4-pane windows, etc.). This logo needs to be used for commercial buildings too.

-If using buildings, play around with making JDI look like buildings in a clear, simple way.

-If arranging the letters to fit together, make sure it reads JDI. Not JID, DJI, DIJ, etc.

-Simple and clear is good. Really good.

-The design should not be top-heavy. Keep it balanced.

-Show how it could be used both in a horizontal and vertical format.

-JDI should be the first thing one sees when looking at the logo. Don't make the design distracting.

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  • This looks like JDL, change the l to look like an i. #190
  • Hi, kindly review and provide feedback. Regards #189
  • Hi, kindly review and provide feedback for any amendments.
    Regards #188
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  • hi CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it:)
    thank you #160
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  • These are too top heavy. The buildings are starting to dominate the logo which they shouldn't do. Make the logos not as heavy. #113 #112 #111
  • Try to square off the J and I to make them j and i. The angled like that cuts off the tops right now would separate the dots from the letters. #91
  • Keep trying the script font, but this one is hard to read JDI. #99
  • The columns look like a bar chart. #28
  • You're the first one to do a scripted font. Good. Try more options. #57
  • Interesting concept, but ultimately these didn't fly with the decision maker. #93 #51 #47 #43
  • These are the same font as the other ones...it looks too much like jcli #75 #60 #58
  • It looks too much like jcli. Try another scripted font. #60 #58