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We received more than 500 options. Although some were completely off-base and some designers copied the work of others, the number of really good finalists made it worthwhile. Final revisions were made directly with the designer and other than a slight language barrier that cost a little more time, the overall experience was worthwhile.

$475 paid

612 custom designs

117pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #415 by lisaart, Logo Design for Jennings, Haug & Cunningham Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lisaart

Project description

NO NEW SUBMISSIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED. From this point, we will work with our top designers to pick a final logo. 

The law firm of Jennings, Haug & Cunningham is interested in securing a new logo, with a fresh look. In addition, the firm's 80th anniversary is in 2017 and we would like a commemorative logo marking the anniversary that complements the firm's new logo. 

The current firm logo (included below) uses a very narrow font that does not show well on merchandise, in confined spaces or in electronic medium. We want to find a new design that will include: 

- Stacked execution (with JHC icon design) 
- Vertical execution (with a JHC icon design)
- Stand alone execution to appear on merchandise, etc. that will show well, without the icon. 

Logo should include the word Lawyers. 
Does not need to include L.L.P.
They are open to a postage stamp look, but also are not set on anything regarding design other than what's described here. 

We are open to new colors.
The law firm is traditional, professional, sophisticated, friendly - has had many clients for many years so they are like friends. 

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  • In this version, there is more space for Lawyers. Would it work if you used a different font that looks bolder? Again, please email directly to me. Or if you think blocking out Lawyers we might be able to go with something like that if it's not too much going on. #415
    • About #415, @pattyjohnson Okay, thanks? I am ready to change the font for Lawyers, as you requested.

    • @lisaart Please email your change at: and include which number you are submitting the redesign on. Thank you!

  • Would you updated this with no lines between the JHC and email it directly to me at We will be selecting our final from the last 5 and select the winning design on the system then work with the designer on the executions. Thank you #556
  • This is one of our final 5 looks. Would you create a version that has darker grey JHC with the names and Lawyers all below it, then a version that has the JHC with Lawyers (using the line as well) and the firm names below that? Please email directly to me at and we will select a final design on the system and work together to finalize all versions with the 80th anniversary logo as well. Thank you! #324
    • @pattyjohnson We want the logo to be Blue and grey also.

  • This is one of our finalists. Can you provide examples using Blues and Greys and email directly to me at: We will select our finalist on the system and work with them to create the stacked, horizontal, icon and 80th anniversary. #440
  • This is one of our final 5 choices. We'd like to see it with a blue and grey color scheme and without the comma and &. Also, we would like the word Lawyers to be a little more prominent. It's difficult to see here. Can you create a version that puts Lawyers in a box or a version where the word Lawyers runs along the full bottom of the logo? Please email final designs directly to me. We will then select one winner through the system to work with on the stacked, horizontal, icon and 80th anniversary. My email is #426
  • This is another of our finalists. Can you create this using a blue and grey color scheme on a white background and experiment with options that help the word Lawyers to show more prominently? Version 341 that you also submitted show it below the other side. They like the way it looks along the bottom in your #374 submission, but did not like the font of that one. They like the puzzle look of this one. Please also email updated versions directly to me at Thank you! #370
  • Hi,
    This is one of our finalists. We have it down to 5. Can you update with a blue and grey color tone, and if possible help the word Lawyers to show up a little more prominently. For example, what about having Lawyers run the length of the logo along the bottom, and another with lines on either side of Lawyers running along the bottom, or make it a bolder font? Please email the final submissions to me directly at: and we will select a finalist to create each version needed, and the anniversary logo. Thank you! #432
  • Hi, This design is one of our 5 finalists. For the client to make their final decision, would you please remove the comma and & and email me the updated version at: A winner and the final stacked, horizontal, 80th anniversary and icon logo will then be designed with our winning designer. Thank you! #426
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  • for other shortcomings can be proposed , tanks :) #594
  • @Pattyjohnson Revision desain #581
  • @pattyjohnson
    Hi ... please see the revised design .
    Thanks. #578
  • how about this sir? #570
  • your feedback is very important. #569
  • please correction design, thanks
  • Jennings, Haug & Cunningham, other views... #555
  • Jennings, Haug & Cunningham #554