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Winning design #94 by gogi71, Logo Design for Jeremy Patty Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gogi71

Project description

I need someone to create a logo for my Strategic Life and Business Coaching Practice. The logo must be professional and capture the passion and purpose of my practice while appealing to high achievers and professionals. My target market includes professional sales people, financial advisors, successful entrepreneurs, and high achievers.

I want someone who can capture the heart and vision by expressing it through the logo. I want someone who will help me connect with prospective clients emotionally. I'd like for it to include elements of who I am and what I do. The person they like, trust, identify with, create positive memories in their minds and build a relationship, without them even meeting me face-to-face. This is what I'm looking for in a logo.

I'm also a Christian and think it would be cool for the logo to have hidden meaning capturing that. I'm not advertising as a Christian, so I don't want it to be overt. And it's not necessary to have that but would be cool if it did have something like that.

JP is my initials and I'd like for that to be a part of the logo design. I've attached an example of a logo that includes the initials of the coach along with the name. I'm looking for something similar. 

Information about what my coaching practice is about:
Jeremy is a passionate strategic life coach who empowers people to enjoy a full and abundant life through coaching, planning, encouragement, and accountability. He believes mankind was created with infinite value, a powerful purpose, and potential to live a life without limits. He inspires people to live from their significance in their personal life, family life, and business practices. For many years, Jeremy has been helping people close the gap between their present-day reality and their most desired future in every area of their life. 

I help people enjoy a full and abundant life by helping them create a plan of action that aligns with their created value, purpose, vision and destiny.  

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  • I think the gray in #309 seems better. #94
  • I've decided I like the circle... I'm going to go with this one, but would like to see the gray a little lighter and have one with a black background with the J black and the P gray. Can we make those changes? #94
  • please guide me thank you,,, #379
  • Smaller arrow. #375
  • If I select this one, will the files that you send me allow for me to change the sizes and colors should I desire to do so later? Also, would I be able to use just JP and not my full name or vice versa? #94
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  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #364
  • The logo of a combination of J & P letters that make up the heart icon, that is love and affection #361
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  • According to your brief........JP Logo.......He believes mankind was created with infinite value, a powerful purpose, and potential to live a life without limits. #284
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  • As its all about life coaching.. design represents the happy human being.. #278