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Winning design #679 by hollander, Logo Design for Jericho Wrecking Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

Jericho Wrecking is a family owner and opearted demolition company, We perform both full structural demolition and selective manual demoliton.  

The name jericho is based on the biblical story of the walls of Jericho and the fact that the walls were demolished only after God was trusted for guidance and His instructions follwed. 

We are looking for a clean logo that will look good on cards, shirts, hats and vehicles.  Something classy yet just by looking at it you know we do demolition.

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  • About #675, @hollander Ok last request, can we take the cross out? We are very happy with the design... Thank you so much...
    • @admin32 no problem #679

    • @admin32 I know your happy with hollander's design but God knows that his copying my design idea & him also,.. he never react my messages,. his guilty,.. I'm sure God doesn't happy with this,..

    • @jacondsign If you want to talk about it, welcome to the forum

  • The collapse of the walls of YERIKHO ... #680
  • @admin32 It's my original design that hollander copy my design. I am the one whom you give the score of 100. It's really unfair that it's my idea. I'm the one who got an Idea of making the excavator on the top of JW. This is my design that you rated 100 #665
  • My idea for your logo design. #672
  • looks good but a bit busy, rather than the entire scripture just put Colossians 3:23 at the bottom. #661
    • @admin32 I will try to do something more harmonious.

    • @admin32 Please check #673 #674 and #675

  • As soon as you send over the requested changes.. We
    would like to award you as the winner. Hope to hear from you soon...
    Thank you! #389
    • @admin32 Thank you for your feedback. Please check #660 I also made a variant with a cross between "JW" #661 By design, I think it's good. From the moral point of view, you need to determine.

  • Hi
    I’ve created a logo design for your project. I created it with my imagination and my creativity, but I
    don’t know what you want if you don’t tell me through comments and rating.
    So, please rate and comment it, I’ll be very happy if you want to give me feedback so I can improve,nearer with your taste. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards #652
  • Hope you like this #640
  • feedback is much appreciated. thank you sir! #634
  • Is it possible to put a bible verse instead of Demolition Company. If so can you please revise to read???
    And whatever you do, Do it heartily, As to the Lord and not to men...
    Colossians 3:23 #389
  • This is my Logo design idea. hope you feedback. #630
  • Please check my new submission, Thank You. #624
  • Dear @admin32 ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #623
  • its look like pyramid #621
  • feedback is much appreciated. thank you! #591
  • comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. thank you! #585
  • please guide me thank you #584
  • please check my design original.
    thank you #583
  • Please check Logo is applied in multiple mockups, Thank You #571