Jerm's Plumbing and Heating LLC

Overall this process was extremely positive and I would do it all over again. DesignContest offered me a huge variety of options. Each entry helped my vision for a logo evolve and Im very pleased with the final product. The convenience of this process was also a huge plus and made starting my own business easier.

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Winning design #144 by karl2013, Logo Design for Jerm's Plumbing and Heating LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by karl2013

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my plumbing company to use on my trucks, letterhead, shirts, and business cards. I would like my logo to be very professional, simple and clean looking. No bright colors, nothing playful. I'd prefer darker shades of reds, blues, grays, silvers, or black. I'm looking for something to separate my company logo from every other plumbing company logo out there. Definitely no little men with pipe wrenches on there shoulder... I look forward to seeing everybody's designs thanks.

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