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Winning design #61 by Yulistina, Logo Design for Jersey Shore Women's Tennis League (JSWTL) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yulistina

Project description

Jersey Shore Women's Tennis League, founded in 2016, is a new non-profit organization looking to promote the game of tennis on the Jersey Shore of New Jersey, USA.  We are looking for a new logo to be used on our website and for other marketing and print materials. This should incorporate the sport of tennis and the ocean, shore, sun etc ...we are open to all creative designs (and colors) that will catch the public's eye and be a great new start for our  organization.

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  • About #61, @yulistina Hi Yulistina,  this is really a terrific design you have done.  I love that you have  incorporated the waves of water.
    • About #61, @jerseyshoretennis thank you for giving me score on the logo design.
      100% winner's decision is yours. and you must know that I am also working hard to make this logo (perhaps other participants are also the same). and have the right to be a winner as well.

      the best results through the design process is a long, honest and easily in a variety of production applications.

      please discuss with your partner to select / determine the design of which is suitable and appropriate for your company / your institution. please you and your partner compares the logo I made with other participants (of course, to be more fair).

      so ... do not worry, I will respect any decision from you and your partner.
      I will give some more as the ultimate design of this final work.

      thanks. best regards, yulistina

  • can you make the purple lines going to the racquet blue #50
    • About #50, @jerseyshoretennis thank you for your feedback. I am ready to change the logo, to be more perfect (as desired), logo which will be displayed (immediately) made with sharp lines (shaped clear / not confusing), detailed, balanced (not tilted and not perfunctory). for processed original (not plagiarized on clipart or other). because the logo is very highly regarded in a company / institution (profit or non-profit). while there is still time. best regards, Yulistina

  • can you make all the letters blue #50
  • About #52, @yulistina  Terrific design.  Thank you for submitting!
  • About #32, @creativebug007   Hello.  Could you please put the yellow/orange sun color behind the girl in this design?  Thank you for your patience with us as we're trying to get it just right.
  • Please make the words Jersey, League & the water the same blue used for Shore & Tennis. Also, replace her purple areas & ball with color black. Thanks #45
  • About #40, @creativebug007 Hello again.  We feel that we're getting closer and closer with your design.  If you can, could you please go on Google Images & search for:  BNP Paribas Open?  It is  a logo for a tennis tournament in the U.S.  The richness of the color combo in their logo really pops.  Could you please experiment with the color combos you see in that logo with ours?  Thanks!
    • About #40, @jerseyshoretennis
      Sure :) i am working on it and uploading the final changes ASAP

      Please be patient during the process :)


  • About #40, @creativebug007 Thank you for taking our comments & doing further revisions.  I will discuss all of these with my partners & get back to you.
    • About #18, @jerseyshoretennis
      Sure :) I will be waiting for your further reply ..
      We will continue working on your any further requirement on this design even after you select me as Winner

      whatever changes or tweaks required, we can certainly do it in handover section as well.

      Also, for you knowledge, i need to inform you that till the point you do not accept my copyright handover design, the prize money won't be released to me;

      Just need your co-operation and participation here to achieve that.

      Hope to hear from you soon :)


  • Pls check. #41
  • Pls check. #40
  • Pls check. #39
  • Pls check. #38
  • Pls check. #37
  • Pls check. #36
  • Pls check. #35
  • Pls check. #34
  • Pls check. #32
  • Pls check. #31
  • Hi jerseyshoretennis! I made a few design options, hope you enjoy it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • We like this design, so can you please use the yellow/orange color you put in #22 here for the sun and make the water color a turquoise? Thanks! #20
    • About #22, @jerseyshoretennis Sure :) i am ready to work on the mentioned changes.

      But i have done my job for the day, so first thing in the morning i will be work on your requirement and get back to you.

      please be patient during the process :)