Jewelry store specializing in repairs and custom designs needs an elegant, yet practical logo design.

Really satisfied with entire process! Love our new logo!


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Winning design #98 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Jewelry store specializing in repairs and custom designs needs an elegant, yet practical logo design. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

We would like for the design to be versatile and applicable to both storefront signage and business forms (letterheads, business cards, etc). The logo should not be so intricate, that when scaled down, becomes indiscernible. Maybe have the company name "RAYBAR" integrated with the artwork? We'd like to add BELOW the artwork: "Fine Jewelry Repair & Design" (No quotation marks, obviously). This would be important for a storefront sign. The words would supplement the artwork so that it would be unambiguous. Please avoid designs with the cliché diamond/gemstone. We'd like to convey a message of craftsmanship and attention to detail. I look forward to your submissions. Thank you.

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  • The artwork has great balance of geometry and free form. This is getting closer. Perhaps try different variations of shapes and lines? Varying colors schemes?
  • Avoid calligraphy. Artwork looks like the Texas Longhorns. Doesn't fit with our business
  • The lower case letters look good on the bottom text. The little design motifs on either side of the text are subtle (good thing). I'd like to see some artwork above. What comes to mind when you think of jewelry repair?
  • We like the reverse "R", but the artwork reminds me of a real estate company.
  • The mirror/negative reflection of the "R" is attractive. Explore different fonts. All caps on "RAYBAR"
  • We like the text on this one. The balance is good. Perhaps make make text underneath larger relative to "RAYBAR" we'd prefer to have our name in all capital letters like you've done. Especially like the tapered part of the first "R" The artwork seems a little too complex. Great work so far!
  • remove the three leaves at the bottom and lower the artwork so its closer to the text
  • The ring is a little too fancy. Tone it done a bit. I like your layout
  • LOVE the font. Change the artwork to a ring of some sort. Something sleek
  • REALLY LIKE the art work. Make the star a little bigger. The font needs a little refinement. A little flair.
  • and this Entries: #78 and #79.I hope you like it. Best regards and have a nice day!
  • Yes, this was supposed to be a transparent background. I realized the problem right away and uploaded a new version. I couldn't figure out how to delete that submission.
  • Dear CH, please check Entries: #74 and #75.If any changes needed,please tell me.
  • This is showing with a black background. Is it a transparent design? Backgrounds are not allowed unless requested by Contest Holder.
  • so the update means, we are back to #1 and adding jewels? :))
  • ****UPDATE**** After discussing the logo design with numerous people not in the jewelry business, we've decided to actually PREFER designs with jewelry/diamonds/gemstones as the ARTWORK ABOVE "Raybar" Originally, we thought it was too cliche, but we have to consider how our clients will perceive it. It doesn't make good (business) sense to not include jewelry artwork. We appreciate all the hard work everyone's put in so far!
  • to rlkat: I didn't like that particular font. Perhaps I should have been more specific. I'm not a graphics designer, so to me, #3 looked too "fancy" The term that came to mind for that was "calligraphy"
  • I'm confused. You're impressed with this one but I thought you said avoid caligraphy: comments relating to #3 .Similar font used!
  • Really liking this, but maybe instead of an "R" in the middle, a silhouette of an engagement ring would tie it together?
  • very impressive