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Winning design #168 by PrasentaCakra, Logo Design for jobclipr Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PrasentaCakra

Project description

For a Web2.0-job-platform (jobclipr or Jobclipr) a meaningful Logo should be designed with a high recognition value.  On the platform people and companies present themselves in a multimedia environment equipped with pictures, videos, Social Media Feeds and further documents and get to know each other online. The logo shall not appear kitschy and should ideally fit into the Slim / Light design of the platform. We place value on a modern, contemporary, Web2.0 Design. The Logo should not seem to be flamboyant – the content of the platform is in focus, not the logo. It also has to have a good appearance as a Favicon.  

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  • logo to be viewed in large size. #238
  • Dear CH, another entry with another concept. await your reply, thanks #237
  • Dear CH, hope to hear from you on this design, Thanks #214
  • These two black playbuttons look like a bluetooth symbol. We'd appreciate a version with several playbuttons arranged in a dynamic way. thanks in advance. #192
  • Hello CH,
    Please Feedback My entry #171
  • About #179, @PrasentaCakra Why?
    • @PrasentaCakra We're still not happy with the fonttype. And the camera element of your first proposal is missing.

    • @PrasentaCakra We're still not happy with the fonttype. And the camera element of your first proposal is missing.

  • About #168, @Tanzy92 Variations as in design or typeface?
    • @Tanzy92 Variations of the pictogram (speech bubble, play button). Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry , today I am very busy with activities in my town . But , I am very happy because you have a feedback of my design . Thank you for your feedback . I will try my best for you . What do you think about me that this design ? I will await your feedback later . Thank you . #174
  • Dear CH, await your feedback on this entry, thanks #172
  • Hello CH,
    Please Feedback My entry #171
    I hope you like it
  • Very nice! We'd appreciate some variations of this style. We're close ;)
    Thanks in advance. #168
  • Very nice design. We'd appreciate a variation of your design (e. g. web2.0 elements such as a speech bubble). Thanks in advance. #160
    • Thank you for your rating and advice. I'll try more and show you again :)

  • We like the camera element. #136
  • Nice shadow. Could you please try to give the logo a bit more complexity? Thanks in advance. #123
  • We like this superposition effect. We'd appreciate this effect for pictogram too. The pictogram itself is a bit too clumsy. Thanks in advance. #147
  • Nice proposal. We like the camera. Please use the colors for the camera element. Thanks in advance.
  • About #161, @Tanzy92 yeah sure. I am on it
  • The logo looks pretty nice. We also like the fonttype. Could you please use blue color for the pixel? Thanks in advance. #161
  • Any suggestion is highly desirable. Thanks! #117
    • @malisa Your Logo looks interesting, but a bit too playful. It needs a little more straigtness.

  • Dear CH.

    This is my new submit design. I think this logo is very great for your company..:)


    Djoz #128