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Winning design #75 by graphman, Logo Design for Jolt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

Coffee drive thru,  

Get a morning Jolt of Coffee or any other beverage anytime of the day...  The beverages are electric..Have a high energy day...Whoa now that is a Jolt of flavor.


*Our customer service experience will set us apart from everyone else.

*Each customer will be greeted as family, and always with a smile.

*Customers are the reason we are here. 

*That to many of them we may be the only bright spot in their day and we can make a difference in that one life.

*To spread joy and make the world a better place. 

*To provide excellence in all we do.  


Not just serving a cup of coffee.  Serving an experience.



*To spread our philosophy to our customers through multiple locations.

*To grow our business by franchising to individuals who share our core values and want to spread happiness to those we serve.

*To source local, fair trade when possible.

*To give back to the community.

    *To be a great place to work, improving the lives of our guests as well as our staff.


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  • Soda Cans mockup #86
  • Hello! This is my entry to your contest. Changed the theme a bit, and made an icon that aims to help the audience easily distinguish JOLT as a brand of coffee and beverage. It's a bit different from what you asked for in your brief, but I hope you'll still consider it. Thank you! #85
  • mockup and different slogans #84
  • Mockups in drinks packages. #83
  • Mockups in different media #82
  • coffee & drinks #81
  • Same as #70 but with the left hand added. umm delicious!!! #79
  • Polished and with other ideas for the slogan under Jolt! #77
  • Jolt with the electrical sign! More energy! #74
  • Ummm circle too? Can u do a square or something else than copy my design? #68
    • @oceanartistic Sir, there is no such thing as copying a circle. My original idea was a circle, hence how the character in the center of the "O" came about. Which others followed suite to copy... I simply didn't post it. If I'm not mistaken #17 was the first to use the lightning on the shirt idea, which is not a generic design idea. Btw, Can you not copy my 'Coffee & Beverage" tag? They may sell coffee and beverages, but it was my idea to use, and word it this specific way, and apply it to my design.

      If you have an issues, please Take it to the designer's court, in the forum section.


    • @graphman Sure, good luck! by the way The client will choose what slogan will go under Jolt so text it is not design. It can be. Coffee & and drinks or something like that, he will tell us I guess is the less important right now but the space will be there for anything good to have . never mind, you are doing a good job god luck!

  • Here is the update of the logo, now he's grabbing a paper cup. #70
  • Same colors as the logo you have in the first place #66
  • same colors as the logo you have in the first place #65
  • I changed the type of lettering and some other minor changes in the design #63
  • I added the new hair as you requested. Thanks! #58
  • I made the adjustments you requested. Made the eyes smaller, brought the brows down, and added various mouth expressions. #53 #54 #55 #56
  • Easy to read the name of your company, colorful, full of energy, a character that also transmit a kind friendly vibe together with the whole composition invite people to try the beverages. #52
  • Mockup logo on takeaway cups #50
  • A mockup- sample to see how the logo looks on takeaway coffee cups #48