Josie's Friends

AMAZING! I got everything I dreamed of and more! Junifer was my designer and she is so talented, so accommodating and went above and beyond to ensure the logo was special and exactly what I wanted. THANK YOU!

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Winning design #30 by JCreation, Logo Design for Josie's Friends Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

Josie's Friends is an premium name brand children's consignment store focused on sponsoring children around the world through consignment. We are a give back organization, sponsoring children around the world with education, health and basic needs.  We are environmentally conscience. 

Please see the uploaded image of a logo I already have.  A few options: 

Option 1: remove the tag line but keep the line underneath and remove the world. Place a handprint in place of the apostrophe in Josie's.  The handprint could be blue, green or another color that compliments. 

Option 2: remove the tag line and the world. Instead of a straight line under Josie's Friends, put a line of children's handprints alternating blue/green. Keep Josie's Friends as is.

Option 3: use handprints in blue and green to make up the world

Thank you.  

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  • Great. It looks like a different part of the world is showing on each logo. Can you make them all consistent, showing north america? #30
  • Can you replace this last color with the original cream/grainy background you originally had? #29
    • About #29, @christyduncan13 Hi Ch, yes i will rightaway. :)

  • Hi, in addition to the North America update. Can you provide 4 backgrounds, the 3 original plus a white background?
    Also a version with "shop. Consign. Support." #27
    • About #27, @christyduncan13 Hi Ch, Sure i will make your request rightaway. :)

  • About #28, @junifer
    Thank you.
    Could the world show North America more prominently?
    • About #28, @christyduncan13 Hi Ch, thank you so much to your ratings. i will revise the globe in facing North America

  • About #27, @junifer
    Love this one! With the hands/globe to the left
    Can you show a version with a white background?
    • About #27, @christyduncan13 Hi Ch, sure i will revise it rightaway. :)

  • This is great. Can we try some versions for comparison.
    1) tagline "Shop. Consign. Sponsor"
    2) remove the tagline and put a straight line
    3) remove the tagline all together
    • About #23, @christyduncan13 Hi Ch, its my honor to join your contest again. thank you so much to positive feedback. i will make your request. and also i will make variation for the design. :) thanks

  • I like the idea here. I have added some comments and an image to the brief. Please read. I'll be interested to see what you are able to create. #15
  • Hi, thank you for your design. I'm wondering if there is a way to make the hands the world instead of them being around the world. Also, I would like to see the hands in all different colors but find a way to make it look like the world. Underneath Josie's will be one color and Friends will be another color.
    • About #9, @christyduncan13

      You're welcome.
      I'll try to do my best.
      Best regards.

  • An idea is kids handprints that shape the globe. Could be two or more colors. Josie's friends underneath in two colors.
  • Every suggestion or comment is welcome #1, #2, #3