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Winning design #199 by dlbonanno64, Logo Design for Judo Union of Asia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dlbonanno64

Project description

Dear Designers, it worries me a little that so many logos follow the same pattern of circular crest, we would really like to see different approaches to the design. Judo Union of Asia was created in 1956 and unites national judo federations of 39 countries. The organization holds Asian Judo Championships for men, women and juniors. The union is looking for a new logo that will reflect the spirit of judo and the history of organization. More information can be found at onlinejua.org the logo doesn't have to follow the website's style as it may be redesigned in the near future. Keep in mind though that the logo will be used in print, on banners and in many other forms so it needs to be quite flexible. We do not to impose any particular style or feel but rather want to see various design visions of our logo. Update: We are an international organization, while some Japanese flavor can be accepted in the design, you don't need to include the name of judo in japanese.

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