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Winning design #31 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for JumpGarden Consulting LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

JumpGarden is a new consulting practice for healthcare design and planning, marketing to architectural practices and hospital systems. The  sole  woman owner has over thirty years experience in the field. This logo will be used on business cards, proposals, website and invoices.

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  • Is it possible to see this also with the J and G capitalized? Thanks. #19
  • About #31, @sikdesigns Can you show me how this would work in a horizontal format? Thanks much.
    • @sheila1 No problem. #33. Let me know if there are any other changes or variations you would like to see. Thanks.

  • About #21, @sikdesigns Is there a way to emphasize the "J" and "G" more? Try to read even more like JumpGarden. Thanks!
    • @sheila1 no problem. Please see #31. Let me know if this is more of what you were looking for. Any other changes or suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

  • Actually I meant a lighter looking element, not necessarily just a smaller tree. Thanks, #30
  • I like this the best of today's ideas. Tree seems a bit heavy for the garden theme. Maybe slightly smaller? Thanks! #24
  • @sheila1 Please see #22 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28
  • I like this for its simplicity but again, my name is JumpGarden so all caps may be an issue. Thanks! #18
    • @sheila1 do you need the same with JumpGarden name? And what #19 #20? #19 #20 with caps but it isn't problem to change if design you like other technical problems can solve without any problem

  • Is there a way of looking at the text so it reads more like JumpGarden? Thanks #9
    • @sheila1 No problem. #21 Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

  • @sheila1 Does your company have slogan? #18
  • About #10, @GurgenBeglaryan Of the ones you submitted, I like this the best but it is a bit too complicated. Note JumpGarden is one word. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entries - don't think the figure relates to my business #16
    • @sheila1 Ok. I tried to play on a garden gnome. Do you want me to make any changes to it, or do away with it

    • @JameciaH Do away with it!

    • @sheila1 Alrighty. Thanks for your feedback

  • About #8, @rstas I like the simplicity but JumpGarden is one word and the word separation may be confusing.
  • Hi again. I have submitted two entries. #2 features two interacting triangle rulers and #3 has has the word jump expressed and the Garden has two leaves on the ' N '. Looking forward to any critiques.
    • @JameciaH My #4 is also simple. It features buildings growing from a construction hat.

    • About #2, @JameciaH It is a nice idea but I am not going to be involved in construction so conveys the wrong idea.

  • About #9, @sikdesigns I also like this idea - but note JumpGarden is one word and G is capitalized.
  • About #7, @sikdesigns This is very intriguing. Note JumpGarden is one word.
  • Dear @sheila1 waiting to your comments #10 #11 #12 #13
  • Hi Ch. I'm interested in the contest. Is there anything else you can tell us about the business? Any information can be useful
    • @JameciaH I am an architect and planner who has specialized in designing hospitals and health care facilities for over thirty years. My new practice will support small and medium architectural firms to grow their healthcare practice as well as do consulting to health systems. I am based in Chicago but will work nationally and globally.

    • @sheila1 Alrighty. Thank you

    • @sheila1- can you tell us more about where the name "JumpGarden" came from? Thank you.

  • The triangles and hat are not really relevant. I don't like the jumbled text but the straight text looks better. Thanks. #4
    • @sheila1 Thanks. I have uploaded #6. It optionally works as a logo or plain text to go across letterheads etc.

  • I'd like to see the text look more interesting - maybe larger J and G with less leaves. #1
  • Hi sheila1. Do you have website? Thank you