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Winning design #27 by nandniluz, Logo Design for Junior Football Club - Sports Logo Contest
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designed by nandniluz

Project description

This project is relatively simple so looking for some good ideas on the same theme.

Basically looking to make an emblem crest very similar to the example file:


However will require a few changes - that are probably better illustrated in the attached word document:

'Logo Change Instructions'

Main change is to get rid of the 'blue' colour and change to black as the current football jumper is black with a red diagonal sash across it.

The companies current logo is a cartoon type demon with some flame text....I really need to stay with this current logo, but some slight embellishment to make it look even better would also be allowed (other than that it must stay similar). I have attached this logo in a few formats as it was only ever given to me within an excel doc. It can be found in attached files:



Anyway have a go and see what you can come up with.

Thanks again.


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  • I think we are almost there....can you just delete that light shading that comes across the top left of the logo..... leave the other shading on bottom right.....also can you make the sparkle on the 17 just a little bigger...thanks heaps. #26
    • @Stingray2014 Sure , I've just uploaded the revised logo

  • Looks good, just deciding now between which one we like more #25
  • Any chance we can lighten up the pitchfork (grey maybe)...to better define it against the black background? #24
  • really like this...very good
    • @Stingray2014 Am glad that you like it. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. I've also uploaded the grey version for your review. Regards Nandni

  • I have one last request before contest closes...could you change the black honeycomb on the inside of logo to the lighter shade white/grey....just want to see the difference - thanks Looking very good
  • Also still no line inserted along the edge of the 17 and the black GREAT GAMES band that runs into it. #21
  • Also can the YEAR 5 and RED letter don't have a thin white line around the edge...I think we can improve on just black....make it look a little more premium.. Thanks #21
  • Yes this is the type of background - but I'm not referring to outside the logo, I'm referring to all the white/light back grounding inside it...around the 17 and around the demon cartoon. #21
  • Another thing...the whitish background...it looks a little plain..can we put some light later work in there...honeycomb pattern or something....you had some great light/shade marks in your early works running across the logo...they also seem to have disappeared... #20
    • About #20, @Stingray2014 Sure , I thought you wouldn't be needing them since you were gonna make a sticker. Will put them back on

  • Really really like this version...just wondering if you shouldn't have a light coloured line/spacing between where the black background of the GREAT GAMES and the black number 7 meet...just to break them up a little....can you make a slight adjustment so I can see...running the black band straight into black number...I think we need an outline line to break it up.. #20
  • Also in very faint font can you run the word:


    Up the leg of the 1 in 17...I don't want it obvious just a darker shade of the font colour...so it's just barely visible.

    Thanks #13
    • @Stingray2014 thank you for the feedback. Will start working on it right away.

  • Hmmm yellow not my colour sorry. #8
  • some good changes - but toooo much red sorry. #9
  • also a great attempt..certainly something new...I like it...but probably not the direction I want to head in.

    Thanks #10
  • these are also great efforts...but not taken with these colour match-ups...

    Thanks #12
  • Very impressive....really like this...also can see the extra detail on the Demon (well done)...

    This is probably going to be a sticker logo so is there any chance you can lift/bunch up the wreath ribbons a little more so there is not a gap between them and the oval shape...may be awkward cutout for a sticker is all..

    Thanks #13
  • Hello CH

    Please check attached some modified version of our entry #11 hope you like it.

    Version 01 : We modified color of font 17 so you can get idea how it look in black font.

    Version 02 : We modified effect of bottom ribbon with some shine gold color & also change Parkerville Juni... Background with shine metallic red background. so basically we try to make logo bit Shiny & Metallic.

    Version 03 : we create Entirely different version from other options.

    We love to here some feedback from your side. #12
  • Hello CH

    Kindly check our entry #11. we request you to share your feedback on the same.

    We create this logo is in vector format so you can use it anywhere and any size in digital media or printable media.
    We also create some design options with some modification in effect & color which you can see in my next submission.

    What you get in Final Deliverable
    1. Original Source (Adobe Illustrator) File.
    2. Used Font.
    3. .EPS, .PDF format files of the final logo.
    4. Flat Color Version of Logo (Incase you want it Screen Printing).
    5. Black & White Version (Incase you want to print it in Foil Print, UV Print, Emboss Print, etc printing effect).
    6. High Resolution .JPG, Transparent .PNG Files. #11
  • Hi guys....sorry slight change to the BRIEF...instead of 17 WINS....can it now be 17 GREAT GAMES.....this is a Junior Team and it may upset a few people focussing so much on the wins....GREAT GAMES is now preferred.


    (apologies for late changes)
  • I would like to know whether there can be change in the way the wreath is placed or are you particular that it is identical to original logo?