Juniper Energy Solutions, LLC

Vitrio has been a great designer to work with. I think the Design Contest website could be more intuitive, but good experience overall.


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Winning design #76 by Vitrio, Logo Design for Juniper Energy Solutions, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vitrio

Project description

Juniper is a new startup in the Denver area with three founders. We will be offering back-office outsourcing and supply chain solutions for for Energy companies. 

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  • hy...sorry for the delay...i have uploaded 3 variation of the colour ( #74 #75 #76 )...if any changes is needed please tell me. Thank you!
  • About #71, @Vitrio We think this is our winner. However, we really like the green, but is it possible to make the blue slightly lighter? It is coming out looking black.
  • We are deciding on which one (69 and 71) and let you know shortly.
    • @rpeele thank you! Really apreciate that. Any changes can be made.

  • We saw the new post. Looks good! Can we ask you to do the same for this logo and we will pick one of the 2 for the winner. #40
  • What is the color of the circle around the trees? Also, can you remove the ",LLC" and space out the word Juniper a bit more (closer to a full space in between the letters). #36
    • @rpeele i will upload the revion right away. the colour is a dark blue..combined with a little bit of dark green to creat that colour. it's a lttle bit special. Not a normal colour. Really apreaciate the feedback.

    • @Vitrio revision**

  • Would like there to be 3 trees to represent the number of founders but I really like the placement of the trees and the wave underneath. The font is a bit too plain so would like to see an entry with those updates! #41
    • Thank you for the feedback. I'll make changes and upload. #41

  • Really like the 3 tree in the arc. The font is a bit too Bold and perhaps needs to be different color than the picture - a blue. Remove the LLC and add dashes to the sides of 'Energy Solutions' #34
    • About #34, @rpeele
      I understand you are now correct.

    • @rpeele OK, check please. If you need to change, email me. #42 #43

  • Also remove LLC from the second line. #41
  • Trees are not Junipers and am not a fan of the snow capped effect. Font is not bold enough and would like to see a darker green used for Juniper and then a blue for Energy Solutions. Remove LLC. #28
  • I like the simplicity of this. Remove the strikethrough on 'Juniper' and also LLC. Would like to see some green utilized but also a picture that represents nature - a juniper tree. #22
  • Looking for a more natural element feel. Would like to see a blue/green combination of color and not yellow. The light bulb is not a fit. #25
  • Would like to see three trees to signify the three founders. Font of Juniper if very generic and would like to see something more appealing. #26
  • Not a fan of the strikethrough on JES. Remove LLC. Font not bold enough. #6
  • Font is too plain and the picture looks like a crest which I'm not a fan of. #19
  • Remove LLC from the name and am looking for a bolder font in the name 'Juniper'. I like the half moon idea but not with the mountains. #23
  • Would like to see 'Energy Solutions' below Juniper. Remove the LLC. #29
  • Like the colors used and the background. Remove the strike through on Juniper and directly under 'Juniper' place -'Energy Solutions'- and drop the LLC. #21
  • Like the colors used, but not a fan of the strike through used in Juniper. #20
  • This lacks any natural element or reflection of the company name. Refer to Juniper Tree. #15
  • This lacks any natural element or reflection of the company name. Refer to Juniper tree. #24