Juniper Way Wellness

I am very new to design as well as to small business in general. This was a great experience...having input from designers worldwide and seeing very quick, creative and highly professional results.

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Winning design #63 by MIOJE, Logo Design for Juniper Way Wellness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MIOJE

Project description

Logo for this company that is the umbrella for my services...holistic life coaching, counseling, therapy, reiki (healing system). Would like a modern, organic, clean look and feel.

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  • hey, CH. what kind of elements do you want in the pictoral mark?
    • something that reflects 'juniper', the plant/tree

  • Hi! Can you also try the words LIVE WELL beneath Juniper Way?
  • love the figure inside the tree.
  • Hi, I love this design. Can you try tweaking the color of the area surrounding the add a little blue (more blue-green). I tried to 'hire' you because I love your designs. Just now figured out how to communicate here. Inside the tree on this, can you try the figure on the other design--that looks like a person with arms outstretched and a circle for he head? I'd like to see both the 'J' and the person outstretched with the new color. Also, can you capitalize the 'w' in Way?
  • A Juniper tree has evergreen - like foliage with slate blue berries. This incorporated with an organic, clean look and feel would be great. Ideally with Junioer Way above the word Wellness, as a single logo with some type of rendering of a juniper incorporated into the whole. Thank you!,, please let me know if you have any more questions
  • Please try 'Juniper Way' as a stand alone logo if a shorter name works better for the logo
  • I love this! Can you try to incorporate a color scheme reflective of either juniper leaves or berries? This is really great. I am open to modifying the green into more blue-green if that works. Thank you. This is impressive.
  • I like this color scheme. Can you try one with 'Juniper' and 'Way' as two distinct colors (you pick). And one with the words being one color.
  • Can you also try one with the symbol/circle to the left of the words? Thank you very much. We will get there soon!
  • Could you try a couple of alternate fonts? Thank you.
  • can you just remove the darker stroke just above the one hand of the figure...looks like it is holding something. Thank you! I appreciate all of your work.
  • This without the line extending from one of the hands..more subtle green highlights around the tree (not as yellow/green).
  • can I see this exact logo without the longer brushstroke above the hand of the figure? It just needs to be cleaned up/shortened so that it does not appear to be connected to the hand of the figure. Thank you!
  • Also, can this area (outline green around the tree be less yellow, less bright green?
  • thanks...a shorter brush stroke near one of the hands, just looks longer than the others and appears that the hand is holding something.
  • Thank you! I love the green brushy hue on the edges of the inside of the tree. Can you add a touch more of this on the left side of the tree, making it a bit more brushy looking on that side as well?
  • I like has a greener tone in some areas...maybe just add a little green highlights around the tree
  • I love there any way to have the inner tree look more like a tree vs. a flame, which someone just noted. maybe a little brighter green highlight around the edges of the tree.???
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #31. Am I going in the right direction with this? Also I noticed that you have eliminated one of my entries. I'm confused as you first gave it a high rating. Was there something you wanted me to change? Thanks, Paul
  • My favorite! Sorry to be repetitive..person figure in the middle with a brighter 'live well' and a little more green (not a lot)