rosario has been a great designer and is very easy to communicate with into getting our ideal logo! congratulations again and a well deserved winner!

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Winning design #94 by rosario2020, Logo Design for Kabocha Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rosario2020

Project description

A casual restaurant of japanese and western mix. Kabocha stands for pumpkin in japanese and we are hoping to get a logo which makes as a good representation of it. Our target audience are young people in which we would like to give an idea of us being a fun and casual restaurant, however it is unnecessary for the logo to be thematic to how we wish our establishment to be. We welcome any entries from minimalistic to elaborate ones. We would prefer the font of the logos to be less stereotypical to the japanese/asian style. If there are any questions please feel free to ask us.

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  • What is The your restaurant Name And Tagline Sir,please describe,Thanks
    • Restaurant name is "kabocha", more information is under the "brief" section. Usage of taglines are optional.

  • BZS
    Hello, do You have any suggestion about my design no 52? Best regards
  • Can I ask for any comments on my eliminated entries to make it going the right direction, I appreciate it gladly if I can get feedback on my entries... Have a nice day! =)
  • Every designer wants to win, but to win the one who selects the host! My design is number 59. Tell me your thoughts about it.
  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/kabocha/entry/48/ clipart is not allowed in logo contests http://graphicleftovers.com/graphic/angry-jack-o-lantern-halloween-pumpkin/
  • hi lizonil, we really like the pumpkin illustration in this entry of yours but we feel that the font isn't as up to par with the illustration. we could like to see if it is possible to change the font. thank you for your attention and entries!
    • Thanks for your feedback, I will work on the font and get something new in for you. Kind regards, Liz

  • hi jason, i think your design isn't what we quite wanted. The font is rather not playful and we would prefer a rather simplistic approach to the font if not playful. The knife and the fork at the bottom also feel very generic and rather out of place. The pumpkin does not look very nice either as its illustration does look a little rough. Thank you for the entry anyways! if you have any other question regarding as to what we prefer the approach towards the logo to be please feel free to ask us!
  • Hi CH, I submitted entry #40. Any suggestions that you might have or am I headed in the right direction? Let me know, thanks.
  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 100 and # 101. Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • Hello ammer, we like the illustration and font used. However is it possible if the pumpkin isnt slanted? And could you play around abit with the colours as well? I.e. Colouring the vines/stalk green, using a different colour of font or background. These are just some suggestions so feel free to submit your entry as you see fit. Thank you for your attention

  • hello indonesia, hello indonesia, hello indonesia, :D
  • Hi CH, please take a look at my entries #92 and #93. The two are based on the sun to remind the client to the japanese flag. Any feedback would de helpful KIND REGARDS [Jobz]
  • Hi, I submited new logo #86 . Please for your feedback. Regards
  • #83 Hello! Thank you for hosting this contest. I played around with the pumpkin idea, and ultimately decided that a really clean and simple, minimalist approach was best. Sometimes less is more! lol~ Hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks for your time! :)
  • Hi rosario, is it possible if you could improve the design of the pumpkin and perhaps making the outer circle of the logo thinner. If you could come up with other variations of logos with this concept it would be great as well. Thank you for your attention!
    • Hello, just uploaded the change you requested and some new proposals based on Japanese iconography, hope you like them, regards!

  • Hello CH, here are my entries: #126 #125 Any feedback is welcome! Thank you
  • Hi routh, we are wondering whether or not it is possible to reposition the text to being in between the pumpkin, or generally a different kind of variation similar to this logo, playing around with the colours or the illustration etc. as you see fit. Thank you for your attention and your entry.
  • Good Day CH~!, Please check my entries #115, #116, #117, #118, #120 & #119. I played around with pumpkin, hope you like it. I will be glad if you give feedback to my designs & give them rate, so i will know if I'm doing the right logo for your restaurant. Kind regards, -ACE
  • hallo... CH... I've made ​​revisions to my design and I tried to make some changes in color. Please check my entri # 112 . Thanks
  • HEY ch...iv'e sent in some new concepts...if you'd like any changes/modifications....colors,shades,fonts...just lemme know...ill be more than happy to do so.
  • Hi, I submitted an entry for you #162 . Please provide me any feedback you might have to improve my design to your desire and satisfactory! Best Regards