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If you go to our website www.KASAconstruction.com, the word KASA in a nasalization Font (which I do like) is kind of like a LOGO but not really.  I want my logo to have a KCI which stands for KASA Construction Inc. and be inconspicuous in the shape of a Triangle, square, rectangle, etc.  I want it to be simple and sleek to place on a Hat, side of a truck, etc., yet tell a story of what we do in relation to construction.   Sema Construction is a company that incorporates a Tractor Tire track or if you google Car outline logo, you will see a sleek outline of what you can determine to be a car.  Our company builds public roads and City Parks.   

To be clear, the above is only recommendations and I'm open to suggestions and ideas but I do want it Simple and Clean.  If someone, has a better idea to keep or modify KASA to incorporate a symbol in it, or next to it, having to do with construction, Im also not opposed. 
Please do not add Buildings because that is not what we do.  

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  • About #1181, @jacondsign I like that. Can you use the colors I selected. Blue and black.
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    • @samkasbar hello CH, please be careful to other designer who started copying and modifying my design. Thanks CH !

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