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Winning design #310 by grade_phanter, Logo Design for Kazakoff Property Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by grade_phanter

Project description

Please design a logo for Kazakoff Property Solutions

Construction . Renovation . Management
Real Estate Staging . Distressed Property Resales
Real Estate Services . Design/Build 

Established 1992




OUR PRIMARY BUSINESS is flipping houses ( BUY, renovate and re-sell distressed homes for profit)
We are also a licensed general contractor #619250 
We will pay cash for distressed/ugly houses
We buy, renovate and flip/sell those houses
We do construction and renovation for others
We offer real estate sales as well

I like slate (dark ) grey and burnt orange.  The name KAZAKOFF is strong on it's own and should be the primary design element. Different color words appeal to me.  I am open to modern,  modern retro, contemporary etc.   If there are shapes or symbols/backgrounds they should be very simplistic and stylized, and they should NOT dominate the name KAZAKOFF. I like vintage/retro but nothing too vintage or old school- ie prefer modern interpretations.  I have attached some samples i like. 
Our primary need is business card but the design should translate for:

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  • hi- can you change this to property solutions - with an s at the end.. thank you #385
    • About #385, @kazakoff of course i can

    • About #385, @kazakoff you can check revised design at this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwMFGLSA1szEUWpMWU5rNTcyeXM/view?usp=sharing

    • @kazakoff please check this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/0b3qrvug9rueeuk/Revised%20Logo.zip?dl=0

    • About #385, @kazakoff I hope you do not mind to see the design in this link please

  • About #310, @grade_phanter
    Hi- Can you put the grey box to the left of the two lines of words, similar in side to the two lines of words, and make some sort of K OR a shorter buidling in the grey box? i like the colors and the fonts. I do more residential work than commercial but i like how this looks a lot. the high rise buildings just dont apply to my type of construction as much. i dont really want a cutsie house, more of a stylized building like you have, only more like a 1-2 story building.
  • could i please see what this looks like with some variations of color in the "K".
    for example, orange at the top of the K. thank you !
  • Please feedback .. thanks .. #382
  • Simple roof incorporated with modern lettering represents the property solutions #350
  • I ready feedback #335
  • Simple and Attractive Logo... #334
  • I ready feedback #333
  • Simple and Attractive Logo.... #332
  • raa
    Another option for your consideration #303
  • I hope you like this design ! #302
  • Hello
    how about my design?
    please feedback for better results
    greetings and thank you very much
    regards #281
  • KPS #240
  • please see the design #228
  • Logo idea.. hop im on track. Good luck #217
  • please see this design k try #213
  • Hey,
    Hope you will like this design.
    If you want any change please let me know.

    --RaviyaaLabs-- #208
  • hi CH kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it:) thank you:) #206
  • Hi,

    please check my design

    thanks #205
  • Hi,

    please check my design

    thanks #204