KC's 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing Inc. needs a real good logo

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Winning design #82 by sikorulab, Logo Design for KC's 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing Inc.  needs a real good logo Contest
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Project description

This logo will be used on many things such as shirts, trucks, banners, cards etc. So it will need to be as big as 3' x 3' or more. We are willing to even entertain a 3D type logo. We don't want any cartoon like logo, more like a Donald Trump "image" is more what we want to be branded like. Also possibly Highlight our 23 1/2 Hour portion our name.

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  • For this one I created a water drop in the background that could be used as a symbol for the company, KC's could be put in there, feedback is great, thanks.
  • same as I just said
  • we like the clock. The kc's needs to change. and the rest of the letters are normal font may be dress them up.
  • Not that we are set on the colors we have now, but they are blue and silver. We are open to other colors but remember this will be on everthing from trucks to cards and everything between.It's got to look great on everything...
  • This logo will be in use for the next 30 years. It has to be unique in style as well as we are kown from our 23 1/2 Hour part of the logo, as well. Both kc's and 23 1/2 Hour need to be unique!!!Stand out jump off the page unique.
  • Let me know if you want the colors changed at all, thanks.
  • Any feedback would be great so I can make revisions, thanks.
  • Lose the wrench as for bold or fine, we want to be different from the rest. I will leave this uniqueness to your imagination. Horizontal would be better don't you agree?
  • Do you prefer a bolder look for the KC or a finer font? Like the wrench or lose it? Do you prefer a horizontal layout as in #8 or more of a vertical design? Thanks for the feedback!
  • Our KC's needs to be unique and we are known for our 23 1/2 Hour. This can even be in 3D. We are trying to be different and really stand out. with all of our promtions with our logo on it.
  • to many others like this. We need the kc's to be unique and we are known for our 23 1/2 HJour
  • We need to be different than others
  • the kc'a needs to be unique and we are known for 23/12 hour. Be creative with it. We have been known for being different
  • we need the kc's to be unique and we are known for the 23 1/2 Hour. Be creative with it. We pride our selves on being different.
  • We need the kc's to be unique and we are known for our 23 1/2 Hour
  • Hello CH, Seems I missed the hour part from the design. I can make you a revision if you like it otherwise.
  • We want something more creative rather than plain text, also make the KC stand out as it would be the abreviation of our name that we can possibly split off from the 23 1/2 Hour plumbing for other type logo's but still a complete coporate looking/bradable logo.
  • Hi, About #42 and #32. Have changed colours, and rearranged a little.
  • may be move the clock in closer to the KC's. I m still not sold on the KC's font?
  • Revised From #14 #40- Tried to make the type more unique for brand recognition, Can be simplified if requested e.g removal of clock or lines