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Winning design #107 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Keeler Construction Co., Inc.  Contest
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designed by Dayadrana

Project description

I need a logo designed for my heavy highway construction company. My company paves roads, works on small bridges called box culverts, installs pipe systems underground (storm water, sanitary sewer, public water), and we also do earthmoving such as excavating and grading. Our core competency is paving roads. My company is based in Western New York, halfway between Buffalo and Rochester and we have been in business since 1942. The company employs about 120 people during peak season. 

The company is well know as "KCC" - looking for something creative with these letters with a roadway or bridge in it. 

Another option would be to utilize "Keeler" - with a roadway, bridge, or a piece of construction equipment.

A third option would be to simply use the letter "K" as the logo with a roadway, bridge, or piece of equipment. 

Cardinal red is our primary color because our whole fleet of pickup trucks and dump trucks are that color. We also use a lot of heavy equipment such as pavers, excavators, bulldozers, front-end loaders, rollers, backhoes, and graders. Our main focuses at Keeler are safety and our high quality of work. I will also mention that the year "1942" or "Est. 1942" can be included in the logo because that is when the company started. 

Looking for something that looks tough and eye catching. This logo will be used for letterheads, safety vests, the website, magnets on vehicles, baseball caps, etc. (we hope to use this logo for everything imaginable). Please check out our website to read more about us and have a look at a few pictures of the work we have done recently. 

Thank you!

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  • the road and text "Keeler Construction Co. Inc." is black #86
  • the road black #85
  • Please check #72 #73
    modifying the road and 5 variations of KCC
    Hope you like it
    Any feedback will be appreciated
  • Can you allow the road to go down a little lower than the bottom of the K? #56
  • Can you darken up this red color some more? I would also like to see what this logo would look like with a black background. Can you make the K look more 3D or embossed also? Thank you #63
    • I'm on the right way? Please check #70 and #71 About #63, @BuddyKeeler

  • Can you make it so the whole outside border of the K looks embossed or 3D like? #66
  • Can you extend the road a small amount past the bottom of the K. Can you also make one half of the double yellow line dashed? #66
  • Hello again - could you open up the top right park of the K so you can see the white background #66
  • add bridge #67
  • Can you create a border around the square part of the logo that will emboss the letter K? And can you change the red to a darker cardinal red. #8
    • Thank you for your feedback, please check my new entries #63 #64 #65 and #66 About #8, @BuddyKeeler

  • Thanks again for feedback
    Please check the updated design #56
  • Thanks for feedback
    Please check updated design #53
    Hope you like it
    • @HichamBahr Yes, could you keep the road black, keep the embossed look at the bottom of the road, and can you also widen the yellow stripes.

    • @BuddyKeeler Thanks again for feedback Please check the updated design #56

  • like this? #54
    • @abundio yes, now could you take the road and make it angled at each end of it. Like a 45 degree angle at each end.

    • sorry.. wrong submission

  • like this?
    I am a little trouble understanding the word "angled" you mean. Maybe my English is not good. #55
  • Can you eliminate the skinny black line in the top of the K, make the road wider at the bottom, and somehow emboss the whole border of the letter K. #35
    • @BuddyKeeler Thanks for feedback Please check updated design #53 Hope you like it

  • Can you make the white striping less bulky, and not so close together. Thanks! #23
  • Can you correct the spelling from Keller to Keeler #23
  • Can you change all of the orange to a cardinal red? #23
  • Can you provide the same logo with a more 3D look that makes the logo look embossed? Can you also put the two ends of the roadway at an angle? I'm also wondering what it would look like if all three of the letters were closer together. #16
  • Very nice logo, could you generate a design with KCC in it also? #46