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Winning design #137 by Solitaire14, Logo Design for Kennedy Law Associates Logo Contest
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designed by Solitaire14

Project description

We need a logo for our law firm that specializes in family law. Please see our website for more information We have a loose nautical/navigation theme with blue and tan primary colors and a hint of red accent color. We very much like the idea of 3 triangles representing the past, present and future. The triangles can look like sails or otherwise go with our navigation theme to represent the past the present the future and how we help people navigate forward honoring the past but dealing with the present and moving towards a brighter future! We like clean, simple and modern design.

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  • DM3
    Hello C.H. I submitted my designs, #19 and #22. thank you. DM3
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please review my entry #20. Thank you
  • Hi CH, Thank you for the opportunity to design your new logo. Please let me your thoughts regarding design #14. I will be happy to make any modifications for you regarding font, colors, or image. Just let me know! Thanks kindly, Patrick
  • Hello, I just attached our current logo. We like the 3 intersecting triangles but want something much more sophisticated and polished. Thanks!
  • Hello, thank you all for your amazing submissions! Here is some feedback: #2, #4, #8 is too nautical. Our "theme" is "navigating a course to a better" future as in we are your guides through the divorce process but we are just divorce attorneys in Charlotte, NC. Our firm isn't on the water or anything. We like the ship image on our website because it's soothing and the sails are just an idea. The nautical/navigation theme is not literal just something we kind of like. Our office is painted in nautical colors, blues, browns and one red wall. We do have to have 3 triangles (of something like it) because it represents the past, present and future. However, the future should be better than the past so the triangles (or whatever you choose) should be ascending rather than descending if they are placed in a row. Our sign person is telling me that the logo should be horizontal rather than vertical such as in # 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13. I think LAW needs to be featured equally with Kennedy. We want people to know we are a law firm. Associates can be smaller but "Kennedy" and "Law" should be the same size. Hope that helps. We really appreciate your efforts and I think you are all very talented. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Kennedy Law
  • HI!! Please leave feedback and/or changes regarding my design #5 Colors and typefaces can be easily changed and I am open to any larger changes as well. Thanks and good luck in your logo hunt!
  • hi.. CH.. Please see my design #3& #4 any feedback would be helpful best regards arfel
  • Your entry is too much like entry 15
  • Hi CH, #51 This my new entry, elegant logo for your associates logo firm law... Feedback please, Thanks.... Way
  • Hi, as your design brief requirement i create the logo design artwork the idea depict on triangles shape i try to more modify and more innovation in triangles with classic shape i also use neat colours combination & elegant font style give simple and clean looking impact capture your business. give me feedback for more improve your artwork. Thanks
  • Hi, CH.. Would You mind seeing my logo for You? #76 I am welcome for any feedbacks. Thank You.
  • Hello, #88 could you please change the colors of the triangles to black, red and a different color blue. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, #81 #82 #83 #84 #85 #86 #87 are my entries. I work hard for your logo. Your feedback would be a big help. I am open to any changes that you may request. THANK YOU. #Deecarreon
  • Hi CH, #113...I changed the color gray to red and the last triangle to a darker blue. Hope this is what you want. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, kindly look into my work and see if it fits your requirement, #152 and #153. 3 Intersecting triangles, sophisticated, polished and professional. Kind regards, Scar.
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