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I was very happy with the process and the results. @DesignLion was very attentive and responsive. I am happy with the results thus far.

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Project description

 I'm looking for a logo for a start up real estate company.    I would use this logo for my real estate signs and for business cards. 

The company name is not set yet so ideas are welcome on that as well. Need to have KERR in the name. 

 I'm looking for something relatively simple but bold. I like the new color blue that was recently discovered if you know what I'm talking about.   Nothing too busy or too wordy.

 I'm happy to discuss if anyone needs to phone me. My number is 615-578-0357 

Confidentiality is a must. 

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  • I'm sorry. I see it here. I am about to register 64 as the winner. I have a request besides the requests the other day of all the variations etc... Can you also send me variations of each with the "K" in the circle deal on top similar to 25,26,30. I want all of the wording and everything exactly like you have it here on number 64 and I want number 64 but I would like variations of each of the ones in 64 with the circle K on top. So in essence I would be getting six different variations. Total. Thoughts ? #64
    • @chipkerr Yes, of course. No problem at all.

    • @DesignLion so how do we make that happen with all six variations? Do you need to put them all under a particular number and then I do you like the number as the winner?

    • @chipkerr Choose the one layout that you like as the winner. In the finalization process I will combine all the files with the colors and variations you like in the zip file I send to you. We will still be able to communicate in the finalization process. I will also be able to show you the preview files before completion.

    • @DesignLion perfect. Will do now. I really appreciate all your help.

    • @chipkerr My pleasure.

    • @DesignLion just selected 64 as the winner. Let me know what I need to do from here. Thanks again. Good work.

  • I really like the colors of number 64 and the layout of number 64 the best. You seem to have taken it down, can you please put that one back up? #133
    • About #133, @chipkerr Okay, thanks for the feedback. On my screen #64 is still there but please let me know if you can't see it and I can either re-post or check with the admins as to why you can't see it.

    • @DesignLion sorry. Not like 25. Just 26 and 30 with regard to centering the K. Thx

  • I've been playing with the colors a bit and would like to know what you think about the shades of blue vs. the grays. #133
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