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Overall, a good experience. I did get what I was looking for as far as getting many designs from many designers without all of the cost. Ultimately, I was hoping for more creativity and diversity in submissions.

$350 paid

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Winning design #62 by kingki, Logo Design for Kessler Construction LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kingki

Project description

We need a new logo. Our current logo is mistaken for Keiser University far too often. We like our deep blue & silver/gray colors & do not need the "LLC" in our logo- just Kessler Construction is fine. We build new custom homes & large remodels/additions in all price ranges. The logo should appeal more to women, since they make the decisions in our field. See attached file for our existing logo and a sketch that I made when brainstorming the new logo that we like the direction of, but aren't 100% happy with.

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  • We like the logos that are very similar to the sketch we uploaded, HOWEVER, we'd love to get some completely new ideas!!! Anything with a home/homes/any concept of a home incorporated into the logo is great.
  • This look is nice as well. Definitely a softer look with the swoop.
  • The font is very clear to read & the different position of the homes is great. My only concern with the font is how similar it still is to Keiser University, who we currently get mistaken for a lot (you can Google the name to see their current logo & font). Even though the all caps "Kessler" is still similar to 'Keiser', the houses on top definitely change the look, so maybe a font change isn't necessary..
  • Layout is nice, however, I think more than the one shade of blue would add more dimension & make the logo look/convey nicer/more expensive/higher quality.
  • This is an interesting way to make the "K". I'd prefer the blues to be darker and black or silver/grey instead of the yellow.
  • I like that the homes are arranged differently, but I'm not a fan of the font at all. It looks outdated to me.
  • Thanks for all of the entries so far! I'd love to see our logo recreated in ways we haven't thought of yet. Everything is quite similar. Also, remember that we are trying to avoid being mistaken for "Keiser University" so having our name not in all caps and in different fonts may help. Our office is excited to see new entries come in over the next few days!
  • Our company name is spelled wrong here. Should be "Kessler". I like the idea of the different layout though!
  • Awesome! Thanks for creating something different!
  • Interesting to have the 'swirl' go in a different direction than everyone else. I like the simplicity of the house for embroidery purposes, but I think ideally it would have so more interest/detail to it.
  • This font looks too dated to me. The color & proportions are pretty good though.
  • I really like how crisp the lines of this logo are. I think the proportions are also great.
  • I think the houses are too close to the word Kessler. I think it may make the logo unclear in certain applications.
  • This blue is too light & I think the big "R" at the end makes "Kessler" unclear.
  • I really like this!! I love how the font makes the logo look more upscale, but isn't too fancy. Can I see this with a blue and a black background? What about what it would look like if it was all one color (ex. on our shirts)? Thanks!!
    • thanks for like it, i submitted the design #64 as per you instruction, hope you will like it. thanks

  • Can you make the "Construction" bolder & provide the logo on a blue background so we can see what it would look like?
    • sure, i revisions. thanks for feedback .........................................

  • Thanks for another different idea!! Can I see it without the R in Kessler being the same size as the K?
  • This is a really neat idea- thanks for thinking outside the box! I'm not sure how it would work on something like embroidery on our shirts- all the lines might make out name hard to read. Can I see it all in one color on a blue background?
  • This is a very cool & creative design!! Can you make the R in Kessler not as big as the K and see how that looks? Thanks!!
  • I don't like how the "R" in Kessler is as big as the K.