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Winning design #83 by fokp, Logo Design for Kevin O'Leary Photography ( Contest
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designed by fokp

Project description

I am looking for a new logo for my photography business. I would like something that is easily recognizable, memorable, and portrays a sense of "artistic professionalism". I am foremost a wedding photographer, but am constantly expanding into other areas of the business (so the logo design should not focus primarily on the fact that I am a wedding photographer, more so an artistic way to depict photographer). I have seen a few logo ideas that I really liked, and may work well, if done right using my initials to create the shape of a camera (If you decide to go this route, a DSLR camera is the shape I am looking for, NOT a small rectangular point and shoot camera). I have attached a couple examples of what I am looking for if this is your chosen route to take with the logo) I am not set on this idea, just something I think could work. I am very interested to see original ideas from the large pool of artistic talent on this site as well. After all, this is why I am here... UPDATE: I highly prefer that the logo w/company name be easily used as both a watermark, as well as social media icon/profile pic. This being said, designs that are square, almost square, or circular in nature seem to work the best in such cases. This will be a deciding factor in choosing the winning logo. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I check my messages often, and will reply to any and all questions ASAP.

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  • I really like where this one is going; would like to see a bit more of the camera shape included though
    • Thank you for the feedback, I have produced design #31, #32. Hope you like where we're at. Regards SJK

    • Thank you for the quick response, this is definitely the front runner as it stands. I like where this is going. Could you upload a version using an emerald green in place of the jade (if that is jade?) Also, could you show me a few alternate font options for the text below the logo? If possible (but not absolutely necessary), could "Kevin O'Leary" fit within, or close to the same width as logo, and "Photography" below it similarly?

    • Thank you for the feedback, I have taken your comments on board and produced design #53, there are also a few font variations in #54, and produced a mock up in #55. Regards SJK

  • I like the one on the right, but would like to see the "L" moved a bit to the right, and the apostrophe added in. Possibly a different font for the text below?
    • No problem i will post correction first in the morning.

    • Hi Kevin, please check correction #42 and let me know what you think. I will post very soon some fonts options. My best, operhal

  • I like the style here, it has an artistic feel to it. I would like to see a version with the letters a bit closer in size to each other.
    • Sure! I've started working on it. Will post soon. Let me know if you have any other feedback or anything else you'd like changed (for example color...). Thank you for appreciating my work!

    • |--|

      bpgrace {*wrote*}:
      Sure! I've started working on it. Will post soon. Let me know if you have any other feedback or anything else you'd like changed (for example color...). Thank you for appreciating my work!
      |--| As for color, I would like to use emerald green as the primary, and a gray or silver as a secondary color (if needed). The apostrophe should be used between the O and L in my initials (KO'L) Also, the text underneath should be the same width as the logo, as this will allow for easy use with social media sites and directories (which usually require a square cropped image).

    • Ok! I will make those changes right away. I actually just posted a revision before seeing your comment but I will make the changes and post again. I would still love to here any feedback you may have so that I can incorporate that into my revision. Thank you!

  • This is an interesting design. There is an aspect I like about it, but I think the K is too separated (looks more like "l<" than "K") Also, there is something about the "O"... Maybe try to make the inner circle closer to the outer circle?
    • Thank you for your feedback. Please check new version #33 and let me know what you think. My best, operhal

  • I appreciate your effort in trying to tie in the eco aspect of my business. However, I don't think this will translate well, and may actually cause some confusion for my potential clients. I will edit the contest description to reflect this.
  • A bit too generic
  • Looks more like a logo for a restaurant, than a professional photographer.
  • This is an interesting look. I do like it, but I think it may be a bit too causal to work.
  • This is a nice logo, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I am going for a more modern, high end look.
  • Zero effort..
  • Letters in image/logo not recognizable enough
  • Hi, please let me know what you think of my submission #27. Thank you!
  • see feedback on submission #4 How did you save my image btw? My site is supposed to be right click protected....
    • It wasn't locked for an apple mac, was able to click and drag it off :( I've only used it as a sample mock up for this particular contest. If wish I don't use it, thats completely fine. SJK

    • |--|

      kevin2 {*wrote*}:
      see feedback on submission #4 How did you save my image btw? My site is supposed to be right click protected....
      |--| It is NOT "right click protected" it not good for Photography!! I posted #18 #19 from your site!!!!!

  • CH, Good evening. I wanted to explain a bit about my concept behind #15. I created a unique camera icon embedded with a sense of being eco-friendly. As you can see it would work in many different color schemes and yet still be recognizable. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer. Thank you! Dina
  • Greetings Design The shooting was purely from my personal, not clip art and not the work of others, so it's purely my personal resulted in #12
  • This is a good start... I like the direction, but the design would need to resemble more of a large DSLR camera (I am a Canon shooter). I also think a different font (for the camera shape, as well as company name below) might help.
    • Thank you for the feedback, I have come up with two further variations #8, #9, #28, #29. Are you looking for a hand drawn style of more of a clean crisp design? SJK

  • Please see my samples, as well as submission #4 of this contest (and my comments) by sjkelly07. So far this is the closest to what I am looking for. I would also prefer that the logo's height and width be somewhat relative; not necessarily square, but it should be easily used as an avatar and/or profile photo for social media (which usually tends to be a square or circle)
  • Hi Kevin, I've taken your comments on board and produced entry #4, #6. Regards SJK
  • Hi Kevin. Please find my entries #1, #2. Ratings and feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Hi SJK, I have added some information and updated the contest description with a couple of images of logos I really liked. I feel like the entries #1 and #2 were a bit too generic for me. I am looking for something that will really catch the eye, and will help me stand out.

    • Hi Kevin, Thats fine, I'll come up with something new. Regards SJK

  • Not exactly what I'm looking for. I have updated the contest details and also included a couple of image designs that I did like. Please look over and feel free to submit additional entries.