I am truly satisfied with the design and the quality of my new logo. Stunning job from the designer! The logo fully met all my requirements and I got it in just 3 days. DesignContest proved to be highly efficient from the start till the very end stage. Excellent support service as well, I got all my queries addressed straight away. I'll definitely use again for my next projects!


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Winning design #44 by lizonil, Logo Design for Keyleigh Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Tea Company logo. Should be universal as business can expand later in Spices, Coffee, Teapots, etc.
Adding here what I like/don't like cause it seems it's not a practice to check the brief.

I prefer the vintage feel with associations to Royal, Imperial, Colonies, Shipping Companies, etc.

I am not keen to use Organic type of logos in green.

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  • and here it is in dark blue and silver. #44
    • msk

      @lizonil amazing stuff! i loved all 6 submissions )))

  • Thanks for your kind feedback. Here is the design in gold and black. #43
  • Dear milak, here are my first designs #39 #40 #41. I can change the colours. These colours are based on antique colours. I incorporated leaves into the pattern representing the tea, or even spices etc. Kind regards, Liz
    • msk

      @lizonil they look very good, thanks very much. can you please show me a version in gold and black? and maybe silver and blue? also can you show how it will look on a round tin?

  • this is the same design but in silver, with and without a background plate : ) #42
  • I included many details including one "k" as the initial of your company inside the keys. You would like to improve something? I hope you like it! #32
  • Variation of shape and font styles. #31
  • msk
    hey, can i see variations with different font as well as different shapes? Also how will it look if we change Tea Company to Tea, Coffee & Spices Co.? #26
  • As per your request, I made a logo which appears similar to an old trading company logo. I played upon the "key" part of the name to help customers to recall the name. #26
  • msk
    Please check the like/don't like section in the brief (added to the mail body too). #3
  • msk
    Please check the like/don't like section in the brief (added to the mail body too). #8
  • msk
    Please check the like/don't like section in the brief (added to the mail body too). #1
  • msk
    Just check the designs which I've given as examples of what I like.
    • @mila_koutzarova If you need a vintage design, i think i will surprise you. Tell me what you want to see in design pls?

    • msk

      @kalc something in this direction -

  • About #6, @kalc Any sugestion?
  • msk
    Hey, your logos are very nice but I'm looking for something else. Just updated my main text to include Like/Don't like section. I thought that everybody is checking this section by default.
  • Some feedback? #5