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awesome, seamless experience. great way to get a large volume of different artwork to look at. very happy with the experience and the designer!!!!


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Winning design #186 by raa, Logo Design for Kid Cuts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by raa

Project description

Looking for a colorful, playful logo for a new salon made for children.  I would like to incorporate hairdresser's scissors as the K in Kid Cuts or cutting somewhere through the Kid Cuts logo.

- Many colors, soft lettering, playful inviting logo
- Scissors somewhere in the logo OR replace the letter K with open scissors - to clearly identify that the logo indicates this business is a place to cut kids hair
- "Haircuts for Kids" possibly underneath the logo, but not guaranteed

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  • About #186, @raa YES! sizing is perfect, but could you make it just a SLIGHT bit thicker on the "u", so the thickness is the same as the c and t
  • About #185, @raa thanks for all of your help. you will be selected as my winner and i wanted to ensure that i'd be able to make adjustments afterwards as well? i think i want to play around with the color palette and how they blend, but the rest after the next adjustments is perfect.
    • raa

      Sure. Minor color changes is no problem at all. It has been good working with you and I'm happy that you're happy with your logo.
      About #185, @hayne

  • raa
    Better? #186
  • About #185, @raa Awesome! Could you make the "u" just a little smaller and more narrow, and make the "c" just a little larger so it's in line with the other letters
  • raa
    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you would like any further changes. #185
  • About #180, @raa this is great. Could you extend the top of the "d" just a slight bit, so the long top of the "d" is a little closer to being in line with the length of the "k." also, could you turn the entire picture 8 degrees clockwise? Thanks
    • raa

      No problem.
      About #180, @hayne

  • please take a peek on my entry #182 thanks..
  • raa
    I didn't have that particular font but re-created it as closely as possible. They were pretty similar. I hope this helps with the changes you requested. #180
  • About #161, @yulistina Hi, could you make one more where you bring the "d" in towards the left so the cut part of the "d" is touching the scissors? Thank you! i'm down to deciding between this and one other
    • About #161, @hayne
      ok. i'll try to change.

  • About #163, @raa would you by chance have the same font as used in 160 and 161? could you apply that one, and then do this again. also, "kid" looks good, but could you make "cuts" run lengthways parallel with the scissors and keep the wobble in the "U" and "t" but reduce the intensity of it just a bit so they look more like 1 word as in the way "kid" does. Thank you so much, im down to deciding between yours and 1 other and will finalize tomorrow. thanks for everything
  • combining design with bright colors #166
  • raa
    I hope this doesn't make it more difficult in your decision making but I am uploading several more font options as you requested. I hope this helps. Thanks much! #162
  • About #66, @raa This is my top contender. Question, could you try a version with a font that's a little more childish, and possibly stagger the letters off center, yet a clear difference between the two words? Does that make sense?
    • raa

      Sure. Stay tuned.
      About #66, @hayne

  • About #137, @yulistina Also, can we make the circle of the "d" a little more defines, as if there's some more of the circular part of the "d" still attached.
    • like #107

    • About #137, @hayne
      ok. i'll try to change

    • raa

      @hayne Sure. Stay tuned.

  • this is great. do you have a softer font, less hard corners and more child-like. also, can you make the change the "d" to a lighter orange/yellow and make the "S" into the red color that's currently used on the "d"
  • please follback my designs sir.. Thank you in advance sir... #157
  • please follback my designs sir.. Thank you in advance sir... #156
  • check this one give me feedback please #148
  • check out my design u will like it i hope so #147
  • KID Cuts logo #144