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Very happy with the end result, however more varation and overall quality of the designs could be better.


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Winning design #84 by acid, Logo Design for Kids Apps Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by acid

Project description

Hello Dear Designers. We are 'Banana Apps' We create Kids apps. Apps for kids in the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Kids can play and learn with our apps. Our Company logo need to have the following components: - A visual of a banana (please look a shutterstock, we have subscribtion here) the visual need to be laying, so it symbolizes a smile. (I added our existing banana in the example files, you can use this one or another one from - Feeling of 'Happiness', 'Kids', 'Toys' and 'Playfullness' We really like the 'Toca Boca' logo, we don't want a copy of this. but just for your idea is it added to the example files. Feel free to do different, even we would like to see something different than Toca Boca. Just be creative! good luck! and happy designing. Please designers use a font that is 'kid like' on for exampe there are great fonts that are for kids.

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  • Hi Let me be the first to enter your contest. #1 has Cartoon eyes, vector made banana and kiddy font. Waitign for your feedback. Thanks Andrei
    • Andrei, thanks for your entery. However it looks like, the eyes/text/image is not all 'in line' with each other. for example. the image of the banana is wider than the text is.

  • Please, for your opinion and evaluation. Thank you
  • Hello there, I hope you like my design #5 any feedback is more then welcome. :) best regards
    • Thanks for your design. The Toca Boca example was just there as an example free free to come up with new ideas.

  • Thanks for you design, could you try with more different coloring? and the eyes of design #9 ?
  • Hi I tried making a clownface, please see #10. Thanks Andrei
    • Hi, thanks Andrei. Unfortunatly a clown does not fit at our business. Could you try other things? we prefer more a 'general' look

    • i am going to think about something. just wanted to be more original than toca boca smiley... thanks

  • Nice Idea for a logo, could you make some more variations of this? also inclding text 'Banana Apps' ??? Thanks
  • can you change the black border into a light grey?
    • #44, 45, Dear CH, they are new modified design drafts based on your feedback. Let me know what else you like to see. Thanks!

  • Dear designers: Colouring of #32 is very much appreciated, very 'happy' kids feeling with this!
  • hey ch, sorry for the late reply #27 #28 #29 are some new concepts hope you like em :) .
  • Hi Two new ones. #22 and #25. One is a more serious "bite" from the banana, the other is just eyes (one winking) over the smile... Thanks Andrei
  • im sorry, i don't like these #17 and #16 much. can you keep it as #11 but just ad grey edges to that design and use some other format/shape for the eyes?
  • Could you use some differnt type of eyes? and maybe also try with some grey/black edge around text/banana so it has more contrast with white background?
  • could you use more standard coloring? blue/yellow/black/green. and make all (except title) fit into the app sillhouette?
  • could you change the yellow into black and/or grey. and the red into yellow?
  • we really like your way of designing, could you please come up with more variations?
    • I appreciate simple design for a logo. I am glad you like this path too. I will try to do more variations, thank you for your comments :P

    • #47, #48, New entries for your logo design. Let me know if they work. Thanks!

  • Could you use a differnent font?
    • sir i have used a different font hope u wud like it ! eagerly waiting for ur opiniom !

  • We like the happy feeling. Could you use differnt happy colouring and a bit more formal look.
    • |--|

      anti10 {*wrote*}:
      We like the happy feeling. Could you use differnt happy colouring and a bit more formal look.
      |--| Thanks for the feedback!!! How about #43. Smiles, Lupo

  • could you give some more options with the colours used in #32
  • Could you show designs with differen style of eyes? this creates for me a much 'mime' feeling and we would like to have a more kids/happy feeling
  • Dear CH, I've submitted #42. Please let me know if you like the direction. Regards, Lupo