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Winning design #85 by memelas, Logo Design for Kids clothing start up needs your special design Contest
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designed by memelas

Project description

What we do: High visibility clothing for kids to help their guardian safely spot them from distance in a large crowd, and safely spotted by drivers when they are on their bicycle or as pedestrians.

Clothing will be used as a tool but it is necessary that the look will be stylish (not like a construction worker) that kids will love to wear.

Top 3 things to communicate through our Logo:

1. Communicate safety for parents and still be “cool” in the eyes of kids ages 4-10.

2. Communicate fun and positive.

3. Communicate Innovation, new, and create a “brilliant idea” feeling.

Target Audience: The target prospects are parents, ages 28-45, who likes to travel with the kids to places like Disneyland. Outdoor type who commute with their kids on bicycles. And also kids 4-10 years old.

Logo may or may not use the slogan: "for a little peace of mind"

Our design will be used on clothing but also website and business cards.

Additional info: Should work well on bright yellow/green, bright pink and other bright colors. memorable. Should catch the eye for attention immediately (maybe yellow over black but other colors might work as well). Communicate high quality. Clothing will be used as a tool but it is necessary that the look will be stylish (not like a construction worker) that kids will love to wear.

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  • #37 is based on the same concept as #26. I hope this is more of what you are looking for. Feedback is appreciated.
  • Thank you. I like the idea behind it very much. Can you build something else with the same concept?
  • Thank you.
  • Thanks for the feedback. #31 & #32 other direction, different colors.
  • Please let me know if you would like to see any variations on the logo as well. Thank you
  • Added a vest to the T
  • Thank you. I'll be very happy to see other directions.
  • Tried to make the "T" represent the Child, The "W" represents the open Arms of the Parent. I used Kid Friendly colors that would attract their attention as well as their Parents. Thank You for the opportunity Feedback is Always welcome.
  • Thank you. I'll be very happy to see other directions.
  • Can you make a revision to the background with the same circle as #7 but a fully painted circle where the outer part is darker blue and the inner is brighter? Thank you.
  • Thank you. I like the play with the colors but I think the direction is somewhere wrong. I'll be happy to see other directions.
  • About #15, #16, #17 and #18. Same design, different color scheme, sizes and valid compositions. I used vibrant colors so you can figure how memorable is it even if you "play" with colors and sizes. Very iconic, you can see in the middle both a boy / girl "glowing" the way your clothes will make them more visible for precaution, safety and why not, for fun! Great for using this logo in labels, keeping a color scheme according clothes! 2 inks used so screenprinting and embroidering gets easier, better quality. Any feedback I'll be thankful, Minerva.
  • Guy
    you welcome - bevakasha :) I soften the font a little to make it less "game like"
  • I liked #7 better b/c it is more simple.
  • The idea behind this one was to show a group of children with one child wearing your product and standing out in a crowd.
  • Thank you for the feedback. Now that you mention it, I see what you mean. I was thinking of a child having fun and the circle rings were symbolic to get the viewers attention and lead eyes to the child. I'll work up a revision tomorrow as well as a new design concept.
  • Thank you. I like the fact that it says exactly what the idea is, but my concern is that one might get a negative association from a target and a kid lifts his hands. Any way to soften this up a bit?
  • Thanks - Toda - This is a nice direction and look very cool in the eyes of a child. It also remind me a video game which I haven't decided if it is the direction. Any other ideas in the same line?
  • Again, should be more fun. Liked the colors.
  • Thank you. I like the colors but should communicate more fun. The shapes should be more rounded.