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Winning design #85 by memelas, Logo Design for Kids clothing start up needs your special design Contest
Gold Medal


  • #37 is based on the same concept as #26. I hope this is more of what you are looking for. Feedback is appreciated.
  • Thank you. I like the idea behind it very much. Can you build something else with the same concept?
  • Thank you.
  • Thanks for the feedback. #31 & #32 other direction, different colors.
  • Please let me know if you would like to see any variations on the logo as well. Thank you
  • Added a vest to the T
  • Thank you. I'll be very happy to see other directions.
  • Tried to make the "T" represent the Child, The "W" represents the open Arms of the Parent. I used Kid Friendly colors that would attract their attention as well as their Parents. Thank You for the opportunity Feedback is Always welcome.
  • Thank you. I'll be very happy to see other directions.
  • Can you make a revision to the background with the same circle as #7 but a fully painted circle where the outer part is darker blue and the inner is brighter? Thank you.
  • Thank you. I like the play with the colors but I think the direction is somewhere wrong. I'll be happy to see other directions.
  • About #15, #16, #17 and #18. Same design, different color scheme, sizes and valid compositions. I used vibrant colors so you can figure how memorable is it even if you "play" with colors and sizes. Very iconic, you can see in the middle both a boy / girl "glowing" the way your clothes will make them more visible for precaution, safety and why not, for fun! Great for using this logo in labels, keeping a color scheme according clothes! 2 inks used so screenprinting and embroidering gets easier, better quality. Any feedback I'll be thankful, Minerva.
  • Guy
    you welcome - bevakasha :) I soften the font a little to make it less "game like"
  • I liked #7 better b/c it is more simple.
  • The idea behind this one was to show a group of children with one child wearing your product and standing out in a crowd.
  • Thank you for the feedback. Now that you mention it, I see what you mean. I was thinking of a child having fun and the circle rings were symbolic to get the viewers attention and lead eyes to the child. I'll work up a revision tomorrow as well as a new design concept.
  • Thank you. I like the fact that it says exactly what the idea is, but my concern is that one might get a negative association from a target and a kid lifts his hands. Any way to soften this up a bit?
  • Thanks - Toda - This is a nice direction and look very cool in the eyes of a child. It also remind me a video game which I haven't decided if it is the direction. Any other ideas in the same line?
  • Again, should be more fun. Liked the colors.
  • Thank you. I like the colors but should communicate more fun. The shapes should be more rounded.