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Winning design #207 by Octagon, Logo Design for Kids n Books  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Octagon

Project description

Kids will receive a picture book and supplies to make a craft that go along with the book. I like the idea of using a book or stack of books. Or using part of a book as a letter? I also need the logo to look nice as a stamp as it will be used on packaging. Thanks so much!

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  • "N" for the bookmarks #222
  • Do you know which size #209 or #207 is best for social media such as Facebook and Instagram? #209
    • @allysonrgardner for the size depend on how big you want it to be, #207 will better,

  • I love love it! Thanks so much!
    • @allysonrgardner great you love it :)

  • I realize our time is almost up. If you have time, can you just do one line on the outside? If not, that's ok, I still like it. I was just curious. #178
    • @allysonrgardner ok, i'll do it right away, btw, just for your information, if you choose the winner, you can have another 7 days for revision in finalization, thanks

  • how about this ? #183
  • About #158, @TP_Rentillo , hi good day, im very sorry for late response, i left my logo to working it out at home. ive read your comment and i made changes about this. Can you please see entry #182 and a thicker one, entry#198. I hope you still like this. Thank you so much for all the feedbacks. Im so glad.. Thank you
  • I appreciate the options you have given me. #180
    • @allysonrgardner thank you, if you are still confused which one is the best design, later i will give you all the version, just tell me the files you needed and i'll prepare for you, thanks

    • @Octagon Nope, I really like the one who did for me tonight. Thanks so much! You have worked hard already!

    • @allysonrgardner Thank You!! :)

  • Thanks, you have been great to work with. #179

  • Can you please show me what it would look like on a all one color stamp? #178
  • Oh My goodness- yes!! Thank you #178
    • @allysonrgardner great :)

  • Thank you! Ok, one more. A different entry. Red background, white kids, then the lettering and handprints white and that background cirlce navy blue. does that make sense? #172
    • @allysonrgardner Did you understand this? It's pretty different than what we have been doing.

    • @allysonrgardner Ok, working on it

  • Yes, I see that now. Thanks #175
  • Sorry, I can't tell the difference between #174 and #175. #175
    • @allysonrgardner i change the position of the letters

  • Can you do this exact one but with no dashes and no handprints? #172
  • Can you make this two blue circles please? #169
  • Can you make another entry with handprints, kids and books white with a red background? Thanks so much! #131
    • @allysonrgardner ok, working on it

    • @allysonrgardner done, please check entry #170 #171 #172 #173, thanks

  • I like the two circles- thanks! #169
  • Can you make an entry with no handprints? #131
  • About #158, @TP_Rentillo, Hi good day, Ive created another revision. I put another thin circle inside that it more looks like cool logo for a stamp packaging. If you have still time. Can you check entry #169. Which do you prefer, the plain one or with thin circle inside?
  • Hello! Maybe now is more near your likes, scheme color can be changed very easy for your likes. Best regards
    Adrianus #159