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I am very happy with this experience. All of the submitting designers were professional, easy to work with, and willing to make changes as requested. Thank you!

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Winning design #38 by bysaule, Logo Design for Kid's Video Art Lessons Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bysaule

Project description

I am interested in a logo design for a children's art lesson website. I would like an owl incorporated into the design, with the owl being the main focus. Because this is an art tutorial site, I was thinking that the owl could be holding a paintbrush or (very small) paint pallet in his wing? I'm not certain how this would look, however. I would also like the name of the site displayed: Kid's Video Art Lessons, maybe next to, or under the owl. I am looking for a design that is simple, clean, stylish, modern, fun, cute (but not "cutsie"), and appealing to both children and parents. Main colors are bright blue and bright green, but I would also like to incorporate the purple shade (in lesser amounts) as well. A touch if black or dark gray would be okay also. Thank you.

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  • Hi ch, thank you for the rating on my design ( #8 ) I hope you can provide a feedback on it and make you satisfy of what you wanted.. thanks again.. Kind regards, Kevin Q.
    • Very nice design. Fun and cute. I like the owl, but I am wondering if I could see him in the bright blue color? Thank you.

    • hi ch i uploaded my design ( #27 , #28 and #29 ) hope you will like it.. I hope I can receive a feedback from you.. thanks Kind regards, Kevin Q.

    • I really like the blue #24. I just noticed the word "lessons" is missing the "s". Can you please show me #24 with the "s" added? Thank you so much.

  • Hi,thank you for rated my entry #17. Still open any suggestions do you have. Thanks again. :)
    • I like this design. Clean and simple. The colors are what I am looking for. Could you maybe enlarge the Owl within the circle? Also, if you could make the lettering in the word "Kid's" smaller? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the feedback.Let me know if you need some modifications in it. Thank you. :)

  • Hi! Thank you for rating my design #11! Can I get your feedback on that so I can improve it? Thanks!
  • Hello! So glad you like #1. I'm more than happy to make any changes/adjustments you might like to see - just let me know. Thanks!
    • This is a great design. Very simple, clean, and effective. The colors are just what I am looking for, well balanced. I like the font, I am wondering if the lettering could be just a bit smaller?

    • Thank You. And of course - #18 just has the text smaller, and #19 has it in a different orientation just to see what you think.

  • Hi :) thanks for rating , can you give feedback please or how to improve it ? #20
  • #23 is very nice. Would you be willing to make a few small changes? I would like to see the owl with the "simple" wings, as in design #9. Lines that are under/over text in green. Background in white. Eyes
    • I am happy that you like my design. It's a little bit different than others. I think I done all the changes you asked me #38, #39. But I was a little bit confused about EYES. Because I think, you wanted to write a colour of the eyes, but you didn't. So I done one design with green, and another with grey eyes. But if you need other colour of the eyes, just let me know.

    • Yes, I like the changes (#38). Sorry about that random "eyes", I somehow sent my message before it was complete. I really like the green eyes, but I wanted to see what the owl would look like with solid green eyes. Much appreciated:)

    • You are welcome. If you want to change something else, just let me know. Have a nice day.

    • May I see the owl with solid green eyes? Thank you!

    • Hello. You can look at it. I changed the colours #41, #42.

  • Hello! I made some slight changes to the layout and #36 is the result. If there are any changes you might like to see, I am more than willing to make any adjustments to get this where you want it. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #34 best regards
  • Thanks for rated my entry #21. Would send another idea. :)
  • Here's my new design #64. Hope You like it. Good luck with your contest!
  • soo sorry, #51 says classes instead of lessons! I waited just a little too long and was unable to delete it! very sorry CH!
  • Thank you for submitting this design. I like it. I was wondering if I could see this with a plain white background? Thanks!