This is the best thing since sliced bread. Such a wealth of really talented designers all over the world sent 38 logos in three days, and it truly was difficult to pick. I am so impressed I have already referred others to the site. I will definitely come back in the future.

$275 paid

38 custom designs

8pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #38 by Rendrax, Logo Design for KidScholly Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Rendrax

Project description

KidScholly is a non-profit charity that provides funds for kids to allow participation in extracurricular activities. 

Kids K-12 with financial need can apply for scholarships to sponsor their participation in sports, education, and the arts. Funds are earned by participation in volunteer work and community service. 

We have liked the tag line, Kid$cholly: Arts, Academics, and Athletics for ALL.

Now we want a logo that can go with the tag line that would be good for t-shirts, letterhead, business cards, etc. 


Arts, Academics, and Athletics for All

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  • That's it!!!! Thank you so much. I'll go in and officially select you. You've been great to work with. #38
    • About #38, @liz_turner thank you!!!

  • revised for you,,

    Thank you verry much #38
  • Looking closely at this version, it really is just moving the brush back next to the K That might do it! #37
  • Maybe I wasn't clear. I like the paintbrush where it was, next to the K. I would like to see it slightly smaller and brought in front of the banner. Go back to #30 and just make these changes: make the brush a little smaller and in front of the banner. Move the d and the $ closer to the c so spacing is better. make the ball overlap the H and the L evenly. I like #30 the best: just a little spacing changes. My deadline is coming up...can you get it done? #37
  • how about this?

    thank you.. :) #37
  • Sorry, one more thing. There is too much space between the $ and the c. Can you make that more even ? It is still all one word, but moving the $ to the right helps with the "i" issue and then the d could move a little over too. #36
  • maybe you could just move the Arts, Academics slightly over to the left so the "i" is not being touched by the $. Then bring the paintbrush front and center the ball between H and L. I think that will be right. #36
  • I actually like the other version better. I like how the ball overlaps the blue banner. I don't mind the dollar over the blue but I don't want it touching the "i" . I think the paintbrush could be brought ftont and maybe just scaled slightly smaller . Lastly, could the ball be overlapping the H and L more evenly? Sorry for the back and forth. We are very close! #36
  • this may design.. i hope you like it #36
  • Alternatively, you could move the letters over so the dollar an the i in academics aren't touching. Could the paintbrush be brought to the front? Just curious #30
  • If you can move the tag line down just a little to not have the end of the dollar sign touching the type, then we are probably going to pick you. We need to make a decision in the next three hours, so if you can make that adjustment, then we will very likely pick you. #30
    • About #30, @liz_turner thank you for feedback.. i'll do it..

  • Our focus group ended up picking a different logo. Nice work though, and thank you for your time. #21
  • Though you were my favorite, our focus group chose another logo. Thank you so much for all of the adjustments. I'm sorry it didn't work out. #35
  • Our focus group felt this logo had too much going on in it too. You are talented, though. #28
  • Our focus group felt this logo had too much going on in it. Nice work though. #33
  • also adjusted the painter's pallet to be a little smaller in this version #35

  • sorry about the multiple comments.
  • Two questions. The pink person: what are they doing? reading? singing? I can't tell. Could you clarify the picture and also change all of the pink to a color boys wouldn't mind wearing on a t shirt? Red? #29
  • You are talented. We will consider your entries.
  • With the hat design, now the scale is wrong for the basketball. Could you scale down the ball so it is more realistic and balanced? I like the hat, but it looks too heavy on the right now. #27
    • About #27, @liz_turner I'll balance that out, sorry