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Winning design #43 by riadesign, Logo Design for Kidsport Contest
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designed by riadesign

Project description

Kidsport is located in Vail, CO and has been in existence since 1978. It is the largest Kids Ski shop in the US, but also offers many boutique style lines. We market "everything kids", and have a strong year round and web based business. We are under new ownership, and are looking for a fresh look. We have a great location, and "sign" readability is important. We want a timeless, classy look. Add Vail, Colorado to the logo is cool too. Update: Contest has been extended 1 week and the prize is $100 more. Some great ideas have been submitted. I like the use of Vail, CO and my website Please read all comments. It is against sign regulations in Vail to have light up/ neon signs. A light is allowed to shine on the sign, and does on our current sign. Besides the sign, it will go on the glass of our storefront. A picture of our storefront in on our website (under contact us).

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  • Hi, I submitted an entry for you #5 . Please find animals hidden in the mountain for kids! Please provide me any feedback you might have to improve my design to your desire and satisfactory! Best Regards
    • Cool look- would like to see different colors. It is no longer showing up on the site- it says problem.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Still working on my design. Hopefully I will fix the problem. Best Regards Nomadicart

    • I wanted inspiration for drawing mountains so I Google'd 'mountains' and then re-drew the first image I saw using the pen tool in Illustrator. Nothing was copied and pasted. The only way to make an SVG graphic is to use Illustrator, not clipart (obviously). I understand your choice to illuminate the logo, but it's a shame. Had I known I would have taken inspiration from elsewhere.

  • the flower used is found here changing the flower a little bit does not make this your artwork
  • live trace of mountain is not your work, all logo art is rquired to be 100% your own artwork
  • you can not use any variant of the Olympic logo
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my concept #12 waiting your feedback if there any updates or comments. ---------------------- Thanks & Regards
  • Solid- I like the use of the website. Can we try in different colors- needs to standout on a sign.
    • Thanks for the feedback! See entries #50 and #51. I have adjusted the colors a couple different ways to provide a little more "pop". Let me know what you think? Are there any other specific colors you would like me to try?

  • We like this... can we see it in the red-kid, white - sport, black mountains
    • Thanks for feedback. I've submitted #43 with red/white/black. I hope you like it.

  • The kid part needs to be more predominant, over Sport. Cool look, just need to make KID standout more.
    • Great thank you for the feedback I will work on it and get back to you!

    • Hi, I uploaded a new logo #42 with changes to #19. I made "kid" more prominent made mountains more realistic as James suggested and changed the colors. Let me know what you think!! Thank YOU!

  • Hi CH, please provide feedback back and comments for the entry #41 . Best Regards
  • Hi my names is James I am 12 years old and I am the son of the owners. I really like your logo but I would like to see it in different colors such as red and black or blue and green. Also I would like the mountains to look more more realistic.
    • Hi James! :)I can absolutely change the colors to those you want. I will also make the mountains look more realistic. Thanks a bunch for your input!

  • Hi! I think your logo is cool. I would like to see it in different color patterns.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #96, #97, #94, #95, #98, #99. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Hi. In reference to design #69. May i please have some inputs on why it was not in the correct direction?
  • Hello Sir, here I've designed a logo as for your requirement #79. Please Let me know if you need any modification to improvised design further. Thanks & Regards,
  • Hi. I have submitted design #69. Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks.
  • Can you make the "I" lowercase, or capitalize the "D".
    • Sure I will work on it and will provide the revisions. Regards

  • One of my favorites, but some people I've shown say it looks like Kid Port and don't grasp the S.
    • Hi, I have submitted revision versions please check out the entry's #123,#112,#111,#110,#109,#108. Regards SankariDewari

  • Hello Sir, I've updated your logo as for your guidance #122. Thank You.
  • Love the idea of it, but we are next door to a goggle and sunglass shop. Any creative ideas to encompass our year round business in Vail?
    • Sure Sir, I'm working on it. Thank You for guiding me.

    • Hello Sir, I've updated your logo as for your guidance. Please check it #122. Thank You. Regards

  • Would look amazing on a bag, but not sure about a sign and on windows.
    • I don't think there is problem. If you can have a sign with light inside. It will be very attractive because the surround is very colorful. With the black or dark background and the light can only come out through the design, it will make it more beautiful. Even during day time, the dark background will make it clear. If you want to put it on the glass windows, just do a black boundary (outline.

    • The reason I put it in rainbow colors because of the surrounding (according to the picture on your website) is very colorful. So the sign with fit into that setting.