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Winning design #273 by venny, Logo Design for Kiirei Contest
Gold Medal

designed by venny

Project description

This is a logo for a high-end Japanese inspired soap line. Kiirei means "Clean is Beutiful" in Japanese and it is pronounced "kee-ray." Please include the tagline "Clean is Beautiful" and/or the phonetic spelling in your design. Big bonus points for something clever and original while still keeping that high-end feel that you would see in a store like Nieman Marcus. While our brand is Japanese inspired the main feel of the logo should be clean and beautiful. Remember: Our brand is spelled with two of the letter "i" There are two different ways to write out the word in Japanese, we are now asking that this be incorporated into the design. Either faded in the background or in the logo itself. The first way looks like this きれい the other way can be found on the website below. Please only use one form or the other, we'll leave that up to you. Happy designing, we will begin rating soon.

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  • Dear CH, please check my correction #73 #72 best regards
  • HEY CH! just added entry #70 & #75! hope u enjoy! looking forward for some feedback/rating. thanks for ur time!
  • Dear CH, love to get your feedback on #67 thanks, 7znake
  • These look good. Would like to see a variation of the bottom one with the Japanese writing on the bottom, same height and width as the English words. So the Japanese writing will have to be stretched a bit.
  • Looks good. Would like to see "kiirei" in a thinner font.
  • I like where you're going with this. Can you add the Japanes text underneath "clean is beautiful" running the full width of the word "kiirei"? Also eliminate the red shape over the last i.
  • Dear CH, this is my proposal for your logo #15 Please, kindly, let me know your opinion and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • CH please check entry #16 & #20.Feedback in this regard will be highly appreciated. regards. Afaq
  • Dear CH, I am sending you my logo proposal #15. Please, kindly, let me know your opinion and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • We have updated our briefing. Keep up the great work.
  • Good design, like the simplicity, unfortunately it's a little too simple.
  • Love the professional quality of this one, it may just be the colors that throw me off but I feel like American culture would associate the green with something out of Boston or Ireland instead of Japan. Also the name kirei is already taken by another company. We are getting in touch with some Japanese natives to see wether or not Kiirei with two "i's" is acceptable as we would not want to offend anyone.
  • Thanks for the submission, we are looking for something a little more simple that conveys a more luxurious feel of cleanlines.
  • Good day CH, I have submitted the #3 design, I am looking forward of any comment or suggestions to improve the design. Thank you
  • Domo arigato go zimasu Looking forward to any revisions if any needed.
  • Thanks for the input. I will be providing feedback shortly.
  • Aloha CH, I do believe that Kirei is what your meaning and not kiirei?. Just clarifying because they mean different things Mahalo
  • Dear CH, Please check a new update #141 as you requested. Thanks Best Regards
  • HI. . check out #138 entry. . . thanks . . regards. . . -Red
  • Dear CH, please check #139 i hope you will like it. best regards