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Winning design #102 by greatboxartist, Logo Design for King City Hospitality Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by greatboxartist

Project description

King City Hospitality Group is a restaurant and catering group hoping to expand our portfolio to events and hotel management.  

We are from Tupelo, Mississippi, birth place of Elvis.  Hence, King City.   Mississippi is known as the Birthplace of America's music due to Elvis, the blues and much more.  

We would like the logo to somehow  maybe incorporate elvis non-trademarkable  things such as sideburns, sunglasses, etc, or just something with music. 

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  • I have done several designs in different colors, Choose the best design and colors you like and I am ready to make any adjustments #98
  • Ceck my design.. #84
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Thanks #76

  • Elvis presley is a legendary musician and singer #65
  • This is really good. Not sure I like the green. Blue and gold could be good? I would say take the tuners off the guitar, just have the fork at the end, no strings eitehr #46
  • what happened to the black background one? any other color combos? #2
  • About #31, @osama999
    i love weird designs, Let's see what I can do
  • This is one of our favorites. Can we take Elvis away & possible do a larger guitar that turns into a fork? That may be weird. Let us know your thoughts! #31
  • Loving these! Could you try different colors on the red & blue version? We like greens, peaches, etc. Also, love the black and white. Maybe if we just add pop of color to those? #30
  • this is a music rhythm like the city. #35
  • might be cool to just try one with guitar/fork and crown, no elvis too! #31
  • love the simplicity of this! I think the hospitality group font could be better. Some other colors perhaps ? I like your work! I like the idea from another entry of a guitar with a fork at end. love to see what you could do with that too! #29
  • You are on to something here! WIth the Guitar, maybe make it a fork at the end of the guitar? Some more color? #31
  • Really like this one, would love to see maybe a different font and color combinations? #15
    • @joelowder , Copy sir, Thank you.

  • would love to see this with different fonts, maybe like the lights one on number 6 and different colors #12
  • combination between mic and food menu
    with the food smoke shaped the hair of the legend ELVIS,
    thank you #17
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check new design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #10
  • any other color combos? maybe another graphic like a guitar? elvis sunglasses? #7
  • Maybe something with a guitar? #5
  • Any thing else we could do without using Elvis exact likeness?
    Sunglasses? Sideburns? #2