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Winning design #171 by AJGC, Logo Design for Kingdom Balanced Living  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AJGC

Project description

I am looking for a logo that reflects spirit, body, and mind in balance.  The business offers fitness training and mental health services with a Christian modality. 

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  • About #171, @AJGC Thank you for your score, sorry but you could explain me in another way, I do not understand your request

    It is not long until the contest ends, if my proposal is the winner I will send you the desired modifications until you are satisfied.
    • @AJGC I meant writing like design 150 But yes you are the winner. I’ll award you as such. Thank you!

  • This logo is perfect! Can we just change the words to look more like no. one hundred and fifty ? #171
  • About #170, @AJGC I would like him positioned like the top photo of #129 to be more specific
  • It’s looking good. I like this. Can we tilt the man up just a little bit and let his hand hit on the cross? Also can “Living” be the same size as Kingdom Balanced? It still looks bigger. #170
  • About #166, @AJGC Thank you, in proposal #170 according to the requested modifications, I apologize but I use a translator to my language and I do not know if it is what you want, attentive to your requests
  • Good god. Can you make the writing more standard and slightly darker colors #166
  • Fitness with Mental Health and Christian religious theme all are together . I hope you like This . Please provide your feedback. Thanks #168
  • Also can we do the writing in black #166
  • I am so happy to get your suggestion .Its make me inspired for work you . i made new one please check Entry# 167. Thank You very much
  • I hope you like this new one , Mental health , Fitness all are your requirement . please provide your feedback .Thanks #167
  • About #151, @AJGC Thank you for your evaluation, in proposal #166 the modifications requested by you., Attentive to your requests
  • thanks for your entry but i would like a greater capture of the fitness #133
  • These are neat but I would like more of an outstanding fitness look #143
  • Hi, not what I am looking for. I would like to capture mental health and fitness in the logo #127
  • creative-- not quite what I am looking for. I'd like a bit more elegance and inclusion of mental health as well #149
  • About #147, @jahedi100 hi thank you for your entry. This logo does not capture the mental health piece that I'm hoping for
  • About #161, @Design1981 I like the quality of the design-- i think that the fitness person runs into the face too much. There's not enough difference in the man and the face. They kind of run into each other to me.
  • Can you move the man into the circle ? #151
  • Can you move the man into the circle ? #151
  • About #145, @AJGC Thank you for your interest, in proposal #151 the modification requested, attentive to your requests.