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We are only looking for a logo for 'Be the Cause', not for Kintec. Please DO NOT design a Kintec Logo. Thank you.

Internally at our company over the last few years our theme has been "Be the Cause". This slogan relates to how we handle ourselves in every aspect of our company if it is deal with a customer, a co-worker or a project. This year at our annual company conference we would like to have a logo that symbolizes this slogan. This logo will be on a wall at our head office, on t-shirts and on mugs.

At the conference, we will have people write on post-it notes, how they will "Be the Cause" during the upcoming year. We will then create the new "Be the Cause" logo with these post-it notes on a wall at our head office.

Kintec exists because we believe that by providing education on proper performance and health-oriented footwear, we can positively impact people's lives. Our company motto is 'Helping people stay active for life'.

To learn more about our company please go to our website: 

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  • This is another idea based on a very classic design. The blue and gray allow the finger pointing hand to really pop. Let me know if you would like to see any changes or just general feedback.
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  • I used a very classic image to get the "point" across. (This is actually a graphic image of my hand). The finger is always pointing at you, no matter where you are in the room. EVERYONE needs to BE THE CAUSE. The orange is similar to your Kinetic orange and the blue seemed to "pop". #455
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