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Winning design #55 by Iridith, Logo Design for Kiteflock Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Iridith

Project description

The idea of kites up in the sky, containing images or videos. In a similar sense to shining the “bat light” into the sky, the concept of having user experiences up in the sky you can see across town and go there and check it out. For the website logo, maybe a group of probably 3-4 kites with images of user experiences on there.

The company name, Kiteflock, should be included somehow (i.e. both a pictoral and wordmark).

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  • Not feeling the kite string attached to the "k." Would also like "Kiteflock" to be considered one word. #45
  • Also one like this without the tail... just the kite body and bow part? #29
    • Hello CH,

      Thank you for the ratings and feedback. I'll work on the alternative versions (without the tail) and will submit new proposals soon.

      Best regards,

  • Could you do one like this without the long tail? Just leave the kite body and the bow? #25
  • Could you also submit one without the string going from the "o"? #23
  • Really like that you gave some ideas for mobile app buttons! #29
  • Variations are endles... I'm going to wait untill I know what you like/dislike now.. #38
  • tunuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh tuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh...Kitflock! ;) #33
  • Something SIMPLE. The logo (see the attached Kite) would have to be easily put into a square button for mobile apps.
  • Too professional looking... wanting something similar to Twitter or Instagram. Maybe all one color, with a logo that's to the left or right of the wordmark. #17
  • I'm thinking something along the lines of a Twitter style logo (super simple, not really huge). This is for a mobile social media app. One issue so far is that having the kites fly up above the logo is making the logo too tall. Maybe something either at the beginning of the wordmark or after. Font is really important as well. WHITE BACKGROUNDS ONLY PLEASE.
  • Hello Mr.Robert , what do u think about this one? #11
    • @jaycobbb can you submit with a white background? Maybe try various fonts?

  • I hope like you! #5
  • Is there anything I could change to my logo?
  • About #4, @robertddewey picture may increase or decrease as you want without losing quality
  • Looks too pixelated. Not feeling the concept at all. #2