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Winning design #137 by eximius123, Logo Design for Klockgiganten.se - Online watch store Contest
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designed by eximius123

Project description

We need a logo for our upcoming online shop klockgiganten.se where we will be selling watches.

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  • Dear Contest Holder, My entries #16 and #18... please disregard #17 (wrong colors)... I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and will make any changes to design upon your request.. Thanks, Marvel
  • #14.new design, heres a new approach, louder. hope u enjoy
  • #12 JUST posted my design. hope u enjoy it. the idea was to integrate both the letters K & G to form a the watch. i didnt know if the klockgiganten.se had to be all one word or not....tried separating them for more balance in the design. any feedback will be greatly appreciated. thanks 4 ur time. best regards. !
  • Dear CH, I didnt know if you wanted to go with colors or not...so I made one with colors to help find the right design. I submitted #11.... thank you, DM
  • Hi CH, Please review my enries #8 and #9. Thanks
  • dear CH, Here is my proposal #5 for your logo, I am at your disposal for any changes and improvements
  • There could be something in the artwork. The font is not the right match though.
  • @buntstift - excuse me if the feedback is not usefull. Fact is - if we knew how the logo should look like, we would go straight to the company we normally use for graphics. But we don't. Thats why we hope we will find the rigth one here at deisgncontest. I will try to give the best feedback possible.
  • what about #4 ? Leave a feedback please say if you want me to change anything!
  • with all my respect: maybe there's just one sentence in the brief a little bit too less. just letting us design and telling us afterwards that it is the wrong direction, won't help anyone of us. and a sentence like "We could design this in photoshop in 5 minutes ourself." is definitely not the feedback we designers need to make a good job. i can't withdraw from this contest so please eliminate my design. thank you and regards
  • I like the fact that theres is some grafical item (definitely not a requirement). The same as APPLE using an apple, Microsoft using their window/cube etc. I just dont like the overall design of this logo. Another example is Mailchimp.com who does it really simple which I find really nice. So we are not looking for anything complex, neither really simplistic - we are looking for the right logo :)
  • I will come up with something more complex. There wasn't much information in the brief so I was starting with a simple design and then work from there.
  • Too simple. We could design this in photoshop in 5 minutes ourself.
  • Not at all what we are looking for
  • No preferences at the moment. We are open for everything. It just has to work with the layout on www.klockgiganten.se - AND it has to be sustainable - there might be a total design change in the near future.
  • Do you have a preference on colors? If not, I could design a logo in black lettering and then you can decide on colors after.
  • SJF
    CH, Please give feedback about #82....
  • Dear CH, Here are my design #77 for your company, hope you will like it. Thanks
  • Dear CH, My second entry is #70....if these sort of fonts are not what you are looking for please let me know and I wil create a font more like the one you referred to for the mailing site! Thank you
  • Dear CH, Sorry...I meant the letters o and c as a watch!