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Project description

We are looking to redesign our current logo to reflect our DBA "KMCL Law."  We would like to keep a similar design and color schematic to our current logo.  

We also want to keep our full business name in the logo, but make it smaller than the DBA.  

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  • Hi @hjennings , hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #157
  • PLease check my design,thank you. #134
  • the same concept and just change the name to the smaller of the DBA. #129
  • KMCL Law #118
  • KMCL Law #117
  • KMCL Law #116
  • KMCL Law #115
  • I am try similiar your logo, scematic color too #110
  • please check my design & thank you #108
  • Tell me if you want any change..
    #Thanks #107
  • ABOUT #94
    Sir, please check my design. thanks
  • sir, please check my design, thanks #71
  • KMCL logo lettermark simple but modern look logo design. Please check this entry. #50
  • I appreciate your positive reply. thanks. #49
  • please check it. #48
  • you are not creative bro ;) #30
  • About #6, @CKS

    We would like to promote "KMCL Law" as our main name and put the "Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter LLP" in smaller writing somewhere (comparable to the current size of the "Environmental & Energy Law")