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Winning design #177 by catradesign, Logo Design for Knowledge Company Contest
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designed by catradesign

Project description

IMPORTANT: Please only send original work, do not submit any clip art. I need a logo design for a new brazilian online company. We will give to our subscribers summaries of the best books on leadership, management and career to help them become better at what they do as our main and first service, but will sell other knowledge services in the future. Our summaries have high quality at a very fair price, so the logo must also be professional and modern like our summaries. First impressions are everything. Specifications: Biz Name: LUCENDI - Knowledge at High Level. That word (LUCENDI) means lighting in Latim. The more light you have, more lighting, more knowledge, at opposite of the darkness. Logo Style: You can use the name LUCENDI together with the phrase "Conhecimento em Alto Nível" (Knowledge at high level), it´s up to you. Usage: Will be placed on Business Cards, newsletter, emails signature, email marketing, flyers, paperwork and mainly in the Website. Delivery of Assets: Please supply all original layered .EPS/.AI, fonts, etc...

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  • I´ve already sent comments, please, look at it. Don´t forget the message I want to send: education, learning, growth and knowledge.
  • Too simple, I don´t see the message I want to send of education, learning, growth and knowledge.
  • I like the font, not too thin, and the colours (black and green), but the message I want to send of education, learning, growth and knowledge is not clear. By the way, what´s the meaning of the triangle/pyramid and circle?
  • I didn´t like the font used, too thin and the message I want to send of education, learning, growth and knowledge is not clear.
  • It´s a good start. 1) I like the black background but I think it´s not appropriate for some usages such as paperwork, emails signature, newsletter, etc...Same comments to the shinning font colour. I prefer a bright colour as background. 2) The tree of knowledge is a very interesting concept but the secondary branch is confused, I didn´t understand it. 3) 4) I´d like to see variations with: books and books as leaves,
  • #4 New Concept, Tree of knowledge with functionality as cogs. Let me know what you think :)
  • Good ideas but I don´t think it send the message I want of something professional and sophisticated. It looks more playful.
  • This is better than of others you presented.
  • about #106 its an inscription saying "lucendi" the "E" is made up of the light rays from the lightbulb in the "C"
  • Thanks again fredslz! :-) I have darkened and desaturated the colors (black lettering and darker symbol). Please see #105. Any darker and I am worried it may not show up well against a black background. The letters can be reversed out to white but the color is usually kept constant as part of the identity. Please let me know if that works for you, if you want any other shade (dark green, etc.) I really appreciate all your feedback. Conrad2
  • Good. I´d like to see a bold font in the bizname and the taglines without all in caps.
  • Much better now. I need something more serios, so other colors, darker, can send this message.
  • Thanks for the feedback! :-) I have taken out the lighting and gradient effects as you suggested and changed the colors. Please see #103. I changed things according to your feedback on #58, #59, #61 and #62. I was going to upload a version with a black background, however, I seem to be reaching my limit. I am not sure whether you can increase that but I will work on it on my end. However, feedback is always appreciated and I will continue on working on your suggestions. I can upload only two more submissions according to the rules. Thanks! Conrad
  • This way we get confused with the company name. I think a lot of people would think the bizname is LUCEN. The pictoral mark is interesting but it doesn´t send a professional and sophisticated message.
  • Good.
  • Hi contest holder.. thank you for the feedback and ratings.. I will submit my updated one once I got level up.. I'm just new here and limit my submissions of my updated design.. thank you
  • In the black background, try to change the blue for other bright color, like white or gray...
  • The idea needs some improvement. Remember that the logo must be profesional, sophisticated...
  • In the black background, do you think is possible to use the same colors or other variation to the C you used in the white background?
  • How does it look without the hair? And with the tagline in other color like gray?