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Great designs to choose from and designers were accommodating to changes requested, very happy with our new logo. Thanks


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Winning design #56 by odamalcse, Logo Design for Komery Developments Pty Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by odamalcse

Project description

Design a logo that can be used throughout the business in all areas. 

Would like the logo to have a picture/silhouette?? of an excavator, backhoe and bob cat incorporated within. 

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  • Komery Logo #71
  • HI ch cheack my design and fedback me thanks
  • Komery Logo #65
  • sdr
    Hello, please check and rate, #61
  • Hi! What do you think? #41
    • @Leandrovallejos Thanks but not what hes after

    • About #59, @rmank sonething to improve?

  • @kvadelas Hello, I just want you to know that somebody copied my idea about the design of letter K and I gave him a warning but still he submitted my concept. So, I have no choice but to report him to the admin and it was then his design was deleted because of the violation. If you are aware on this matter, copying my concept it's up to you or else I will report you too to the admin. Just read the rules and regulations as a designer. Thank you.
    • @odamalcse No problem, My Entries are Eliminated, But Be Aware, you are also breaking the rules and regulations as designer. I will not go into details, but you know what I mean! Best regards Vadafunk

    • @kvadelas ???

    • @kvadelas PEACE brother!

    • @odamalcse Peace!

  • About #49, @odamalcse. Hello, Yes I have to do a vibrant look or have life. Thank you for the good approach.
  • I don't mind it and like the Y but can't use the K #53
  • Hi, is it the same blue as #31? Could you try something a little more vibrant?? Thanks #49
  • About #32, @odamalcse Hello,
    I am thankful for giving me clear instruction. It is my pleasure working with you. A big yes to do what you've been suggested. I really like the way you approach to your designers like me. Again, thank you and God will bless you more..
    • Master sayo na yan congratz hehe @odamalcse

    • @karl2013 tHANK YOU Master @karl2013! sana para may nman ako dto. hehe..:)

  • kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you very much:) #45
  • Hi, can you change colours a little please: more of a silver on the banner -black writing inside, K stay the same, 'omery' to the blue used in #31. Thanks #32
  • please check this one sir:)
    thank you #48
  • kindly check this one sir:) #46
  • Hi, could you try some different fonts? bring the end of K down in front of "dev."banner and try play around with the colours alittle also have with no back ground and a black background? Thanks #10
    • @rmank Thanks! i will do what you request. Thanks again.

    • @STAVROULAKYV Thanks for your entries

  • Hi. is it possible to lift the bucket arm on the and put a design in the O also. Thanks #7
    • @rmank this entry will be removed because it is copying the idea/concept of entry 1, first designer to use this idea of the "k" with bucket and arm

  • Please change spelling Komery. Thanks
  • @barkside! hello mate try to use another concetp. Thaks!!!