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Winning design #232 by MaxDesigner, Logo Design for Kootenay Leadership Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MaxDesigner

Project description

I am starting a collaborative group in the mountainous region of SE British Columbia, Canada called the Kootenays. The group will be a not for profit where current and future leaders from the Kootenays connect with one another, coach one another, celebrate leadership development and leaders, share leadership lessons and stories and build our future together. I want the logo to feature the words Kootenay Leadership and represent collaboration, leadership and mutual support.

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  • dear CH i just submitted my design #13 hope you like it ill wait for your comment good day to you and God bless
  • sorry for misspelling I don't know how could I mix up like that
  • remember "Kootenay Leadership" is right.
  • sorry, spelling is "Kootenay" like the strong simple logos. need more of the collaboration, circle, round table, and looking to the future...
  • the arrows on 30 are interesting but too bold. I wonder if a few less bold arrows going up and right would look better (and like a success graph).
  • Hi CH! My name is Patrick and I am looking for your initial thoughts about design #30. It is my hope that the arrows communicate collaboration, leadership, and mutual support. Please provide feedback; it is my hope that I can modify this for you, or simply start in a new direction. Best, Patrick
  • Hey CH, I have submitted logo entry#15 #16,Please rate my designs! Regards.
  • Hi CH, Can this contest be blind? So that "NO" copying of concepts and designs will happen Thanks wengcharl
  • important note for all designers. Thanks for all these. I have asked our executive for their input now that we are half way through the contest. You will note that of the votes so far, each one that at least one of us like is rated at 70. I will rate any more I receive votes for in the next day. Keep the designs coming. Dave nature, leadership, collaboration, clarity, simplicity... Dave
  • on 24, looks like a polar bear, can we make this a grizzly?
  • smaller canoe, half that size?
  • Hello again CH! I took your design in a different direction, following your suggestion of the canoe. Please let me know your thoughts of design #45. It is a 2 color design but can easily be changed to one color or three depending on your preference. The colors can also be changed to your liking. Best, Patrick
  • I wonder if using a canoe with several people paddling in the logo would evoke the mountains and rivers of the Kootenay region of British Columbia? or a bald eagle (there are many here). the words must be Kootenay Leadership. I prefer no more than 3 colours. And simplicity. Thanks everyone.
  • #65 & #66 look more like grizzley bears as requested i also did #67 as an eagle
  • Hi there, please feedaback my entries #52 and #53. thanks in advance, best regards cruser
  • About #61 #62 & #63 Dear CH So many thanks for your kind kind ratings Here is my revisions for you Hope you like it Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • Hi CH, Thank you for your ratings. Is there anything in design #54 that I can change or try to make it stronger? Best, Patrick
  • another attractive concept is to place the paw of a grizzly bear in the logo. or the outline of a grizzly bear.
  • About #51 Dear CH Here is my Entry for you Hope you like it Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • DM3
    I put in my own interpretation, #130 thanks. cheers!