Korun Solutions, LLC

What a wonderful experience! In just a short time my designer took my brief bio and gave a great starting point. He worked with my suggestions and came up with the perfect logo! I could not be happier.

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Winning design #103 by SixElevenDesign, Logo Design for Korun Solutions, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SixElevenDesign

Project description

We provide practical and comprehensive management and financial solutions for the medical business. Our team of consultants at Korun Solutions, LLC come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education ranging from medical billing/coding to HR, accounting and management experience. Our team's diversity lets us find the best solution for making all aspects of your medical practice successful. We come from a variety of disciplines, career paths and over 35 years of combined experience, ensuring that our approach considers all angles.

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  • I like the "circle" k, but also like that the k in #19 is moving forward. Do you think that it would be too much in the design element if the heartbeat is also included? (I'm new at this and open to your design submissions.) :)
    • Hi. Thanks for feedback. I'll try to make K moving forward in the "circle" K. About heartbeat, I agree that it would be too much design element. If health symbol need to be included, let's we try to put it in the name of the company (not in the icon)

    • So far, 9, 23 and 25 are my favorite.

  • Hi CH... hope you consider about my design #14 thx n regards
  • #2 and #5, the company name is spelled wrong
  • Hi! I was wondering if we could possibly see something like the heartbeat in a thin black line inside the O in Korun, similar to what is seen in # 1 and 9. (Just to add some medical element.)???
  • Any feedback on #26 and #31. Am I on track? Feedback and directions are appreciated. Good luck.
  • What do you think of #85? Thanks for any feedback!
  • Thank you. Can I ask one more favor? On the full color logo, could the name "Korun" be in the darker color of blue and "Solutions, LLC" stay in black?
  • Could I see design #9 in the blue and gold/tan gradient colors? And also possibly in grayscale and B&W? Thanks!
  • your entry is too much like entry 74 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/korun-solutions-llc/entry/107
  • Hello CH posted entry #106 for your consideration. Your feedback is much appreciated. Id be much willing to assist you to have a great logo. Thank You!
    • Hi CH, Please consider that this design was stole my concept.Thanks For Pavian, try create design with your original concept

  • Hi- Could I see this design with the lettering similar to #74? I would imagine that the B&W and grayscales would be the same as 74?
    • Hi.I will change the letter color in design #9 and submit soon.The grayscales and BW will be same as design #74.thanks

  • hi CH can u please tell me in which way was i wrong in #89 ?? please tell it fast so that i can make corrections and submit it