Krasner Chiropractic

Exceptional. Very artistic and imaginative. Designer made as many revisions as I needed. Would highly highly recommend!!

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Winning design #291 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Krasner Chiropractic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

Chiropractic Clinic. 

I am specifically looking for a design that has the name Krasner Chiropractic and the "K" in Krasner should have a design like a spine.

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  • The frame of Chiropractic #325
  • are you able to make the spine look more like #225. That one looks more real. thx #291
  • Black border. #320
  • Can you also put some sort of black border around the logo? Please give me a few options. Thx #291
  • New colors of a circle. #316
  • Maybe make the circle like an orange/greyish fade? Please try some more colors for the circle.
    Think the white background is best.
    If I choose your design can you give me multiple Versions bec I prob may use a few combinations #312
    • @sk55667788 I will provide you all necessary color designs and various types of files if you choose my design.

  • i hope you like it #313
  • Check new designs. #312
  • The green and blue with white background is really nice. Any other revision you can give me?
    Maybe some sort of black design surrounding it?
    Any other color you think looks nice for the “circle” surrounding the man?
    Thx #291
  • I have returned. Check new backgrounds. #298
  • Solid.
    Please more background colors for #291-294.
    Grey is still too dark. Need lighter.
    Also please put some off white options thx #291
    • @sk55667788 Thanks. I insignificant time will be absent. And add new designs.

    • @sk55667788 Thanks. I insignificant time will be absent. And add new designs.

    • @mmkdesign ok. we are running out of time though. 11 hours left

  • I have made less "Krasner". I have added gray backgrounds. Thanks.
  • getting better.

    Still need the word krasner slightly smaller but still maintain the same alignment.

    Also please give me more options for background colors.
    #171 has a nice grey. I don't want it see through but something like that. Please do that for both the green and grey colors.
    thx #290
  • Check one more design. #290
  • Better.

    But now the word krasner is much shorter than the word chiropractic. need them more in line. thx #289
  • One more variant. #289
  • I have made even more "Chiropractic", and less "Krasner". I wait for your comments. #288
  • About #287, @mmkdesign Keep making the word chiropractic bigger and the word krasner smaller. i really want the wrod chiropractic to jump out. please do this for design #273 as well. i like the blue and green too! thx

    also for next how many hours will you be able to make edits? contests ends soon....
    • @sk55667788 I constantly am online. I will make new changes of design.

  • I have added options with charcoal gray color. Also I have increased "Chiropractic". Thanks. #287
  • Please make the word Chiropractic a very real charcoal grey. Please give me a few options.

    Black is a bit too much.

    Also the word Chiropractic still doesn’t jump out. Please make the word Chiropractic bigger and the word Krasner smaller. Thx #279