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Winning design #74 by operhal, Logo Design for Kropp i Balanse Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

Hi designers! The name "Kropp i Balanse" translates to "Body in balance". We are just getting started and need a logo that represents our business: Muscle-therapy, stretching, pressure-points, kinesio-taping, training core muscles and the idea that the mind and body work together (if one is "out of balance" it affects the other). Simple, clean, yet describing are keywords. Colors we prefer are blue, white, black (possibly silver/grey). There's a photo attached that gives the same feeling we wish our logo to represent. EDIT: Many great designs already - however, don't be afraid to try something different. Will try to rate, comment, and reply regularly. EDIT II: Designers - I really appreciate all the great designs. I have some favourites, and would like to give you a tip as to how you can compete with them. Every design has had a similar overall idea (which I like). However, in order to stand out,don't be afraid to try a new approach (like # 58). It might just be our new favourite ! Thanks for your time and effort :) Any questions - just ask! We look forward to seeing all your great ideas! Regards, Tina Helen Vaksdal Owner / manager

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  • See #18 for feedback :)
    • thank you :). I really appreciate your feedback.Are you open to others colors except blue and gray?

    • Blue (all shades), grey, black, white, but open for purple, lime etc. Don't like green, red, orange, yellow. Thanks for your time and ideas!

  • Symbol on top is nice. Still, not sure about overall impression. Would love a different approach, as long as it has the same colors and is modern and stylish (with a hint of classic.)
  • Like the new look. Trying to avoid the human/stick, as a possible future collaborator has that in his logo. We would wish to keep both (different aspects of business). Good idea with emblem in different placing and/or as part of word.
  • Like #15 better, but it is definitely not bad.
    • thank you for the feedback! I tried a new approach in #17, your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Really like this as well. However, I would appreciate a new approach as the contributions are all starting to look a bit similar. Plus for coloruse and letterstyle.
  • Love this!
  • Nice, but would like a different style on the lettering, and maybe dual color on the small circles like on the previous entry.
  • Favourite so far. Would prefer the a's in balanse to be the same, but that's just details... :)
    • thank you for your rating! can you please explain more your comment about a's i am not sure that i understand corectly :)

    • The first A does not have a left side, second A is normal. Both are fine, would just like them to be the same to keep it "clean".

    • oh i see i was thinking that you want letter s be as a:) no problem i will fix that

    • Great. Was looking at some of your previous designs, I like the letters you used for the marshmallow-logo. Don't be afraid to try something different if you wish to compete with another design. Thanks!

  • Good concept, but don't really like the head.
  • This is close to what we are looking for.
    • I am glad to hear that. Any correction you may suggest? Please let me know. best regards

    • The "A" could be replaced by something more relevant (for instance, I like the wave in entry #8 because I relate it to flow). Thanks for your time, Regards

    • Thank you for your feedback. Please check my new entry #11 I hope you will like it.

    • Hi, please can you answer to my question and give a feedback for #10 and #12. Would you prefer anything relate to zen meditation, like flower or a body on a meditation position.

    • Hi. I like #10 better than #12. Like the overall look, prefer some more stylish letters, but like the idea of an abstract symbol. Trying to avoid the typical flower/meditation look. Thanks for your contribution!

  • would you prefer anything relate to zen meditation? Like flower or a body meditation position
  • Hi! Would you mind if you give a feedback for #10 please, thnx?
  • Like the simplicity of the design, and the overall idea. 50/100.
  • HI! I add some blue color you can see #46, #45 and #44. let me know which one you prefer more.
  • Really like this. Maybe some blue somewhere in the letters?
    • thank you! I like how you give feedback for everyone . This helps us a lot . I will add some blue right now and then you can see it

  • Posted #43 . Logo is mix of "K" "i" and "B" letters, rounded and rotated.
  • Actually like the other one better. It's one of my favourites.
    • You want me to fix something with "B" to make it more readable ?

    • thanks:) i will try to improve it! any suggestions would be great!

  • Appreciate the different approach, def interesting.
  • Really like the emblem, would like a more minimaltistic lettering.