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Winning design #24 by hollander, Logo Design for Körperkonzept - Entdecke Deine Energien! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

In English it is: Body Concept - Explore your Energies!

I am doing dance fitness, personal training, functional training in small groups - and everything with a smile and energy to encourage my students and customers! ;-) On the other side I am doing Pilates, stretching, relaxing the body and mind....thats why I call the firm "body concept"
I like to have a symbol that combines energy, sport, enthusiasm, passion
It can also be together with the name Körperkonzept

I dont like figures that do sports, like a pose or something like that

The relationship to my customers is very important, maybe this can be seen in the symbol - something that combines everything with each other, a combining energy

I like a symbol with energy, like a wave or something that spreads out; but I like finally to have something that is like a pictoral mark in combination with the word Körperkonzept in nice, modern, letters (my customers are women 95%, but it should be something for everybody; the letters can have a small wave/swing)
I tried already something with the letter K, also with 2 K´s (becaues of KörperKonzept); was not so satisfied but I like to give it another try because my Surname is with K and also my Name ;-)

For instance a colourful nice K;  my customers and me should understand the K; maybe together with a circle of energy (also colourful) or the letter K is surrounded of an energy /colourful circle

On the other hand I really prefer the colour turquoise; maybe combined with a nice grey or darker one of blue/turquoise (and maybe another energy - colour); the turquoise can stand for the cooling energy in relaxation after sports

All in all I like to see something that is colourful because I am a powerful woman that shares the energy with the customers in sport ;-)

I like the yin and yang, but it should be just a small flavour, maybe something with a (opened) circle around Körperkonzept

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  • Hope you like this concept, Open for modification
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  • @Katrin1 Hi again mam, If you need changes please let me know. Have a nice evening and stay healthy. #129
  • Please check my design,thank you. #110
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  • @katrin1 Good evening mam katrin, Hope you like this concept, Open for modification. Thank you. Guten abend mam katrin hoffentlich gefällt dir dieses konzept offen für änderungen Danke. #67
    • @katrin1 Hope you still open to other entries and do not focus to only one concept :) and also use google to guide you ;)

  • Über das Design #24, @hollander
    • @katrin1 Hi hollander, I like the design you have created, thank you! Can we try the second line (Entdecke Deine Energien!) a little bit more narrow? So that the first and the last letter will be not in the same line with KörperKonzept? Can there be a little bit more space between the 2 lines? Can the turquoise be a little bit more shinning and be a little bit lighter? And could we try to have only the first "K" in Körper big and also the second "K" in Konzept and the rest small letters? And if that looks good: the sentence "Entdecke...", too... I dont know what you think about that! ;-) I really like that energetic figure and how you designed it in the circle with that two small things and the colours, its really a fine work! I am sure you will win this!!!!! Thank you already! Whenever you will be in Germane I want to invite you to a lunch and/or to my sports lesson ;-) Yours, Katrin

    • @katrin1 Danke schön! I hope your opinion does not change until the end of the contest -))
      Please check #68
      If you need anything else, please contact me.

    • @hollander Hi hollander, thank you! No, I will not change, even somenone tried to copy you! ;-) Yours is the best. But with your first design you was right when I compare now the change with the first one. It looks better in BIG LETTERS everything and it looks better if the second line (ENTDECKE...) is in the same space with KÖRPERKONZEPT. So for the form I want to stay with the first design (also with the 1st figure; somehow the first figure looks more like a "K" and I like it more becaus its not so "round". My last wish to you: can we adopt the more lighter colour turquoise in the first design and can we erase the "!" in "ENERGIEN!"? That would be great. Thank you again. I close the contest then, I hope I find this function because somehow I dont understand everything in designcontest ;-///// What can we do with business cards...? And also my homepage I like to have with your fresh and new design ;-)

    • @katrin1 I can’t make you a business card in this contest. This is just a logo contest. Now I can show only in this version #74 In the future, if you want, it is possible to work through a 1 on 1 project.

    • @hollander Ah, ok, I understand, thank you

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